Zero Latency opens in Geelong, bringing mind-bending VR with 5K graphics and spatial audio to the region

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Zero Latency opens in Geelong, bringing mind-bending VR with 5K graphics and spatial audio to the region

Words by Staff Writer

Next-Gen immersive entertainment has arrived in South Geelong with Zero Latency.

Providing a gaming revolution that’s set to elevate your entertainment experience, Zero Latency, the global pioneer in immersive entertainment and the brains behind the world’s largest free-roam VR network, has opened its latest arena in Geelong.

Located near VicRoads and Geelong Sports Hub and opening back in December, this colossal new arena promises to redefine the way you play. Thanks to Zero Latency’s cutting-edge technology, groups of up to eight can now dive headfirst into mind-bending virtual worlds with unparalleled freedom and agency – no backpacks, no wires, no distractions.

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Zero Latency stands at the forefront of immersive entertainment, leading the way in VR and location-based experiences. With over 80 venues across 27 countries, Zero Latency boasts the world’s largest free-roam VR network. Since launching the first free-roam VR venue in 2015, Zero Latency has captivated over 3 million players worldwide.

Venue owner Drew Bailey, who’s been a fan since his first encounter with Zero Latency seven years ago, expressed his excitement, “It really is the best way to experience VR, whether you’re an experienced gamer or a first-timer looking for a fun activity to do with your mates. There’s nothing else quite like Zero Latency in Geelong.”

To this day, Zero Latency continues to push boundaries, offering heart-racing adventures to help you escape the pressures of reality. The immersive experiences include everything from zombie shootouts in “Outbreak” to conquering Rook Island in “Far Cry VR” – all in a massive, physical gaming space.

There’s also Sol Raiders where you team up in an adrenaline-pumping chase for the ultimate power source against real opponents; Singularity where you fight against killer robots in this science fiction shooter on a station stranded in the depths of space, with zero-gravity environments; Undead Arena where you survive a post-apocalyptic game show and keep the crowds entertained as you fight your way through hordes of zombies; and Engineerium where you enter an ancient world where gravity is not as it seems in this puzzle adventure.

In 2022, Zero Latency introduced a game-changing HTC VIVE Focus 3 headset, allowing groups of eight to share the same adventure simultaneously.

Forget backpacks and sensors; Zero Latency in Geelong guarantees the deepest, most effortless immersive experience available today.

Zero Latency Geelong is located at 2 Dowsett Street, South Geelong. To book a ticket, head here.