Flex your brain with Containaphobia Escape Room’s new puzzle box in Geelong

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Flex your brain with Containaphobia Escape Room’s new puzzle box in Geelong

If you love escape rooms, a puzzle box is an equally thrilling and brain-busting activity to sink your teeth into.

While there’s just something so exciting and a bit terrifying about being locked in a room, forced to solve your way out as you do with an escape room, puzzle boxes are making way as a popular alternative activity to do with your best code-cracking partner in crime.

If you’ve seen the star-studded whodunnit sequel to 2019’s ‘Knives Out’, ‘Glass Onion’, you’d be familiar with concept of a puzzle box: Its own elegant character, peeled back layer by layer by detective Benoit Blanc and an ensemble cast, the interactive puzzle box (which resembles a mechanical puzzle called the Yoshimoto cube) has two layers inside with four games each. These each have to be solved one after the other to open the box. There is nothing based on randomness, but only on logical decisions.

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If solving an intricate and perplexing puzzle box sounds like something you’d be keen to try your hand at, Geelong’s Containaphobia Escape Room has you covered.

The venue’s newest game (which will also help fund the forthcoming horror escape room Carnivorous), Treasure Island is the new puzzle box game encouraging attendees to put their heads together to solve the box’s clues. Rather than entering a locked room with a group of mates and trying to solve clues to make your way out, the puzzle box game is designed for two players, who enter a room and are seated in front of a ‘puzzle box’.

Packed full of puzzles that will have your brain working overtime, the aim of this game is to open the puzzle box before time runs out, with 60 minutes allocated.

Can you solve the mysteries of the Treasure Island box? The game is running at various times both during the week and on weekends, with multiple sessions available.

To celebrate the box’s arrival, Containaphobia are running a special intro price of $38 per person until February 5 2023 for online bookings.

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