Super Street Fighter II Turbo: Geelong Edition

Super Street Fighter II Turbo: Geelong Edition

Geelong locals share the bizarre locations they’ve witnessed a bust-up.

2020 has been a very interesting year, to say the least. We brought in the new decade amidst the Australian Bushfire Crisis which we were barely recovering from when the Coronavirus pandemic swung in like a wrecking ball, leading to all kinds of uncertainty about life as we know it.

We’ve seen all kinds of things we never expected. Face masks, empty streets, abandoned work buildings, daily press conferences from our state leaders, people confined to their houses and roadblocks across the country were among the unexpected but none more shocking, and frankly bizarre, as the people who were literally brawling in the supermarket over toilet rolls.

Across the country, namely in NSW and Victoria, video footage and news bulletins revealed the countless fights that broke out between supermarket shoppers as customers continued to panic-buy, stripping the shelves of essential items such as rice, pasta and toilet paper.

A moment for the history books…

While reminiscing about the early experiences of the pandemic, it got us thinking… what strange locations had fights broken out? Did this kind of buffoonery happen in our own city?

We were intrigued, so much so that we took it to our readers. Here’s some of the locations ‘worthy’ of affray.

*Disclaimer. We have decided to exclude stories about clubs and pubs – because well, that’s not really that surprising. Wrong, but not surprising.

ALDI Special Buys Line
There are fewer things more soothing to a bargain hunter’s ears than the words, “ALDI Special Buys”. For some times now, ALDI has been a favourite among Aussie shoppers for the limited-edition stock they get it, with many alternative options to luxury products made available at a fraction of the price.

Stocking things like snow gear, homewares, lawnmowers and 4K TVs, the kicker is that these are usually only available for a week at a time, or while stocks last. It’s a ‘first-in, best-dressed’ type of scenario and one that has apparently caused a few scuffles in town.

“A guy was cutting the line and didn’t respond very well when someone told him to get to the back of the line… was pretty tough in his reply ‘want to say it to my face’, before he ran to the end of the line. Not sure if the guy secured his outdoor setting” – Vanessa

ALDI’s Special Buys certainly are special – and make consumers do some ‘special’ things.

The Rollerway
Any Geelong local will know the Rollerway! Attending a party here was a rite of passage for most. At least one person went home with a broken or fractured arm, but it was still the best way to celebrate turning 12.

Turns out, stacking it on the rink due to sheer clumsiness wasn’t the only reason to go home with a fractured arm.

“I was at the rollerway with my ex and probably five other people and some little rat fella randomly came up to one of the guys I was with and told him ‘he looked like a fag’, and to get a haircut. Needless to say, fisticuffs kicked off and before you know it I was pulling blokes off one another while trying to stay upright on rollerblades” – Mark

Menswear Section of Myer
Housing the likes of Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Emporio Armani, French Connection and Polo Ralph Lauren, the Myer menswear section is one of the last places you’d expect to see a scuffle… nevertheless, it’s made the list.

In a strange twist, this one was actually between two women, battling it out over a guy. Our insider Jase can only remember snippets of the dialogue, but it’s these memorable moments that last a lifetime.

Stay classy.

Village Cinema
Sadly, we’re not referring to the time Village Cinemas brought the Big UFC Fight to the big screen. While it’s not uncommon to get told off if you’re talking throughout the film, or to get scolded for answering a call, the cinema isn’t where you’d expect to see fists flying.

But alas, those well-loved racing games that line the entrance to the cinema that attracted some overly passionate gamers, resulting in a fight breaking out at this well-loved, family-friendly location.

“Two dudes were punching on over the race car games” – James

In front of a Church next to a Kebab shop
Whether you’re religious or not, everyone understands churches to be a place of worship, which makes it the strangest location for a clash.

Were they fighting over a kebab? Was it about religion? We’ll never know.

Coles Fruit & Veg Section
It seems supermarkets bring out the worst in people. This one saw a fight break out in none other than the fruit and veg section, and apparently, it was pretty full-on. No word on what the fight was about, but Forte reader Steph just remembers tomato’s flying.

The Gym
You wouldn’t expect to see a fight during your morning workout, but stranger things have happened…

“This guy was sitting on one of the machines, just scrolling on his phone or texting or something, and this other guy was waiting for ages and asked if he could use the machine, then the guy on his phone just got mad and got all up in his face and they started pushing each other. It was so random” – Sara

The Ice Cream Van at Eastern Beach
We all love our ice cream, and people can get pretty passionate about which flavour is best, but to break out in a fistfight in front of an ice cream van? That’s just poor form.

“These two middle-aged men were shoving each other right in front of the ice cream van parked at the Geelong waterfront. I’m not sure what it was over but one of them was pretty pissed off” – Ben

Outside 7/11 in Little Malop Street
Yeah okay, this one’s not exactly surprising. Been close to the marvels in the Mall and right next to the Moorabool St bus stop, it’s a hot spot for a fight.

Regardless, you don’t expect to come across a scuffle on your way to stock up on Uncle Donut goodies.

The Taxi Line
Back before Ubers, the taxi line could be an interesting time for Geelong locals.

“This actually involves me. I was in the Taxi line waiting for a cab at 5am after a night out tearing up the dance floor at Home House. I made the mistake of scoffing at someone that felt the need to point out how lame my hairstyle was. This resulted in a running Sub-Zero style flying fist to the money maker. Note to self… short back and sides = safety.” – Matt

Where have you seen a bust-up?

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