39 tell-tale signs you’re a true Geelong local

39 tell-tale signs you’re a true Geelong local

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Anything above 30, and you're a Geelong local through and through.

Whether you’ve lived in Geelong all your life or you’re made the move to our great city, there are a few subtle ways you can tell if you’ve become a true Geelong local at heart.

Here are the tell-tale signs.

1. You refer to Geelong as G-town, G-schlong or Geetroit.

2. You’ve been to the Geelong show, The Airshow, Pako Festa and the Gala Day parade at least once.

3. You’ve owned a pair of Ghanda trackies.

4. You’ve been on a date at Eastern Beach.

5. You refer to pub’s by their nicknames. The Grovey, The BC, Lordy’s, The Dog, The Commo, The Yardz, Lambs.

6. Whether a seasoned Geelong supporter or not, you’ve attended a Cat’s home game. Bonus points if you stood in the rain.

7. You say you’re ‘going into town’ when referring to the Geelong CBD.

8. You’ve indulged in all you can eat at Smorgys… and if you’re a newcomer, you’re jealous that you haven’t had the pleasure.

9. You’ve attended the NYE fireworks on the waterfront.

10. You’ve hit up Kebab Spot after town for a lamb kebab and some garlic balls.

11. You refer to Kardinia Park as either Skilled, Simonds, or Shell.

12. You’ve asked the Lambys bartender for the Mario Kart recipe so you can make them at home.

13. You’ve headed to Rajs after a night out for a massive, greasy breakfast and free juice. RIP Rajs.

14. You have attended a party at Rollerway. Extra points if you’ve been there on a date.

15. Gotten sloshed at The Geelong Cup and vowed never to go again… then you went again.

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16. You avoid the level crossing on McKillop Street heading towards Latrobe Terrace.

17. You’ve been to Adventure Park. Bonus points if you worked there.

18. Before Uber, you waited an hour for a taxi after a big night out. Some of you may have even given up and walked home because ‘Belmont isn’t that far’.

19. You’ve been to Denis Walter’s Carols by the Bay.

20. You’ve made fun of the cars ripping skids at Limeburners

21. You’ve bumped into a Cats player in the supermarket.

22. You know The Sphinx isn’t just a monument in Egypt.

23. You’ve watched the floating Christmas tree light show.

24. You’ve hit up Eureka, Lambys and Homehouse all in one night (or you did Piano Bar, Beavs and St James).

25. You’ve danced on the tables at Piano Bar and performed karaoke at Beav’s Bar.

26. You’ve chucked a U-ey for Maccas in Newcomb.

27. The word ethanol is synonymous with Room 99.

28. You still think there’s a chance you’ll start surfing.

29. You’ve been asked “Do you have a dollar for the bus?” at the Moorabool St bus stop.

30. You argue with visitors about why it’s ‘Parmi’ not ‘Parma’

31. You’ve jumped off the tower at Eastern Beach… and you’re damn proud of it.

32. You were possibly a ‘Joey’s Boy’ or dated a ‘Joey’s Boy’.

33. You’ll talk smack about Geelong to your heart’s content but will transform into its staunchest defender if someone else starts bagging it out (especially if that someone is from Melbourne).

34. You know Geelong doesn’t just rock. It K Rocks.

35. Taken a trip down the Great Ocean Road.

36. You have mixed feelings about the Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race.

37. You’ve made a late-night Kardinia Cafe run. You might be intoxicated, you might not, but K-Caf has those late-night munchies sorted.

38. You’ve described the former Mayor of Geelong as the guy with the colourful mohawk and fake abs.

39. You’ve been witness to the marvels in the Mall… and you do your best to avoid them.

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