Now You See Me 2

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Now You See Me 2

The big problem with the first Now You See Me movie is that while it was sold as a magic-based heist film, it turned out to be, well, a magic-based heist film. The stage magicians turned master-criminals did their crimes not by using actual magic tricks that could be explained, but through a whole lot of hand-waving and CGI effects. And so it continues here, in a film based almost entirely on surprise twists and turns that make no sense even at the time, let-alone when they’re “explained”.

Since the last film the “Four Horsemen” – super-powered stage magicians in a parallel world where glorified buskers are seen as world-famous Robin Hood-style heroes – have been laying low (Dave Franco’s card sharp Jack Wilder actually faked his own death), but when they break cover (with new addition Lizzy Caplan replacing Isla Fisher) they’re promptly out-magic’d by – in the movie’s best joke – tech billionaire Walter (Daniel Radcliffe). What follows makes next to no sense, as seen by the number of times characters actually have to ask people “why did you do that?”, but the fast pace hides at least some of the flaws in a film where the highlight is Woody Harrelson playing his own (evil) twin as a Matthew McConaughey parody.

Reviewed by Anthony Morris