Unclaimed money in Victoria tops $109 million as government urges people to check SRO

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Unclaimed money in Victoria tops $109 million as government urges people to check SRO

The Victorian State Revenue Office is holding over $109 million in unclaimed refunds, rents and bonds, share dividends, salaries and wages, debentures, interest and proceeds from sales.

The government is encouraging Victorians to go online to find out if they are among thousands of people with a claim on a pool of unclaimed money topping $109 million.

The State Revenue Office (SRO) holds records of money that remain unclaimed after 12 months. The majority of entitlements have been held by the SRO for less than 10 years.

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A man last listed as living in Box Hill with $882,697 waiting to be claimed and an Ardeer woman who is sitting on a potential $259,828 windfall are among the Victorians who could be a few clicks away from securing a windfall.

A South Yarra woman has 72 entitlements worth $170,105 recorded in her name while a Doncaster man has 65 entitlements totalling $80,264.

The SRO has a record of 45,653 entitlements in the City of Melbourne worth $13,633,759 while Stonnington ($7,516,798), Boroondara ($7,103,869) and Port Phillip ($5,620,411) are also home to many potential claimants.

In regional Victoria, Mornington Peninsula leads the way with $2.8 million followed by Yarra Ranges ($2 million) and Greater Geelong ($1.9 million). Across the state, there are some 678,000 entitlements waiting to be claimed.

In addition to unclaimed money, the SRO also holds all Tattersalls, Intralot and Tabcorp prizes, as well as TAB winnings, that have remained unclaimed for six months or more.

The highest unclaimed gaming entitlement is $2,136,327 from Tattersalls which was received in March 2016. To claim these winnings, you must supply your original ticket.

All Victorian businesses and trustees holding $20 or more in unclaimed money are reminded they must record and keep the money for at least 12 months, then lodge it with the SRO. Lodgements can be made via the SRO website.

“I encourage Victorians to go online and conduct a search – this is money that belongs to citizens and we want it in their hands,” Victorian treasurer Tim Pallas said.

“If the SRO is holding unclaimed money in your name you’ll know within seconds, and the process for recovery is straight forward.”

You will need your name or company name, and the address that you believe the unclaimed money lodging organisation would have had on file.

To search for unclaimed money, visit sro.vic.gov.au/unclaimedmoney