Torquay’s vibrant Vietnamese restaurant Pholklore opens its doors in Geelong

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Torquay’s vibrant Vietnamese restaurant Pholklore opens its doors in Geelong

It's pho-king time Geelong, Pholklore opens tonight.

We’ve got a lot to be thankful for when it comes to the culinary world, and the Vietnamese and their tasty dishes certainly top the list. From fresh rice paper rolls and banh mi, to green papaya salad and Vietnamese coffee, the list goes on. But the dish we can’t get enough of is, of course, pho.

Originating in the north of Vietnam, pho is a magical mix of root vegetables, noodles and spices in the broth, topped with meat and vegetables, and typically finished with bean sprouts fresh mint, chilli, lemon, hoisin and chilli sauce.

Sound delicious? Well yeah, that’s because it is, and now Geelong has scored its very own destination for some of the best damn pho going around with the opening of Pholklore.

The key takeaways

  • The loved Torquay Vietnamese restaurant has opened a second location
  • Geelong locals can now indulge in some of the best pho in the region
  • It officially opens to the public Thursday, February 4

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Making its home down in the cool coastal town of Torquay for the last few years, Pholklore are the masters of Vietnamese in the region. Situated next door to Bomboras, this place overflows with chill ocean-side vibes, lots of people and of course, delicious Vietnamese street food… and now we’ve got all that (minus the ocean) right in the heart of Geelong.

Located at the former playground equipment business on the corner of Pakington St and Gordon Ave, the last few months have seen an incredible amount of construction take place to transform the space into a 130-patron restaurant and cafe.

Embracing the same vibrancy of the Torquay location, the Geelong eatery takes on a similar vibe being an open-air Vietnamese diner set among shipping containers, lush greenery and Astroturf, completed with large tables designed for communal dining surrounded by red stools and colourful hanging lanterns with tassel tails.

Treating Geelong to the same pleasures Torquay have been indulging in these past few years, expect to see the Pho Bo – a rare beef and brisket rice noodle soup that hits the spot any time of the day; the Bun Cha – a dish with popular dish with chargrilled pork patties, spring rolls, vermicelli noodles, mixed herbs and a tasty dipping sauce; and the Pho Fusion which is just a delicious melting pot of mixed cuisines.

While the food is definitely something to rave about, we also can’t wait to indulge in their drinks. Alongside the usual suspects (local and Vietnamese beers, soft drinks and wine), Pholklore has truly embraced the cuisine and have introduced pho-inspired cocktails. From the Hendrick Lamar to the Pho White to the Tom Mary Bloody Yum, there’s no meat in these creations but the aromatics of the famous dish remain: cinnamon, Vietnamese mint, Thai basil, tom yum and fresh coriander, plus some generous splashes of gin, white rum and vodka for good measure.

Congratulations Pholklore, we’re stoked to have you an arm’s length away. Add this to your list of places to eat, you won’t regret it.

Pholklore Geelong is located at the corner of Pakington St and Gordon Ave, Geelong West and open on Thursday, February 4. Open hours are Monday to Friday 5pm to 9pm, and Saturday and Sunday from 12pm to 9pm. Walk in only. You can visit the website here.

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