The best new dining destinations and hotspots to discover in Ballarat

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The best new dining destinations and hotspots to discover in Ballarat

Where to eat, sip and savour in Victoria’s top tourism town in 2024.

Looking to venture further into regional Victoria this year?

Embark on a delicious adventure through Ballarat’s thriving food scene, where exciting new dining destinations are popping up left, right, and centre. From chic fine dining spots to trendy bars and cosy bakeries, here’s your guide to the latest and soon-to-open dining destinations in Victoria’s top tourism town.

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For elevated fine dining, step into Ballarat’s newest fine dining establishment, Babae, tucked away within Hotel Vera. Led by Culinary Director Tim Foster, Babae celebrates the region’s finest growers and producers with a menu that reflects the season’s bounty. Indulge in meticulously crafted dishes with locally sourced ingredients paired with curated wine selections, promising the perfect blend of sophistication and flavour.

Open for dinner Thursday to Saturday and lunch Friday to Sunday.

Location: Hotel Vera, 710 Sturt St, Ballarat Central


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Magnolia Restaurant

Venture to the historic township of Beaufort to discover Magnolia Restaurant, where head chef and owner Anjal Joshi crafts modern European cuisine paired with Pyrenees wines. It’s semi-fine dining here, and with impeccable service and dishes crafted entirely from scratch, Magnolia promises a dining experience that blends tradition with innovation.

Open Thursday to Saturday for dinner and Sunday for lunch.

Location: 12 Lawrence Street, Beaufort

Sip Champagne Bar

Experience the epitome of elegance at Sip Champagne Bar, a luxurious Art Deco space on Sturt Street and the latest addition to the Ballarat dining scene. With a unique selection of champagnes and sparkling wines paired with French-European cuisine, Sip offers an unforgettable taste of Parisian chic. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply unwinding with friends, Sip Champagne Bar invites you to raise a glass and toast to the finer things in life in an atmosphere of pure sophistication and glamour.

Open Fridays and Saturdays from 12pm-11pm, and Thursdays and Sundays from 12pm-7pm.

Location: 428A Sturt St, Ballarat Central 


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Flying Chillies

Spice up your life with the vibrant flavours of Malaysian and Indonesian cuisine at Flying Chillies. Offering a fusion of cultures, Flying Chillies showcases owner Lilly Wright’s mastery through dishes like the award-winning Babi Pongteh, voted Ballarat’s Best Pie for 2023.

Open Tuesday to Saturday for lunch at Bridge Mall.

Location: 6 Coliseum Walk, Bridge Mall, Ballarat

Goods Shed: Itinerant Spirits, Nolans, and Boom Time Dumplings

Looking for a hub to explore for the day? Head down to the historic Goods Shed where Itinerant Spirits, Nolans, and Boom Time Dumplings come together to create an unforgettable dining experience. Located within the historic Goods Shed, this unique venue offers a multi-spirit experience that showcases the best of Victoria’s craft spirits alongside a tantalising array of pizzas, pastas, cheeses, and more. Whether you’re a spirit enthusiast or a food lover, The Goods Shed invites you to indulge in a feast for the senses like no other.

Open Monday to Friday from 7am-10pm.

Location: 200 Lydiard St N, Soldiers Hill 

The Turret Bakehouse

Satisfy your cravings for freshly baked bread, pies, and pastries at The Turret Bakehouse, Ballarat’s go-to destination for all things delicious. Renowned for their extensive toastie menu, The Turret has expanded its offering to include an in-house bakery, where you can indulge in an array of mouth-watering treats made with love and care. Whether you’re craving a hearty pie or a decadent pastry, The Turret Bakehouse has something for everyone.

Open daily from 7am to 3pm.

Location: 802 Sturt Street, Ballarat 


Get ready to spice up your life at Pancho, the beloved Latin American bar and eatery now in its new spacious location adjacent to Renard cocktail bar. With a focus on authentic Central and South American flavours, Pancho is all about transporting you to exotic destinations. From mouth-watering empanadas to refreshing margaritas, every dish at Pancho is bursting with vibrant flavours and bold spices that will leave you craving for more.

Open Wednesday to Thursday from 5pm, and Friday to Sunday from 11.30am until late.

Location: 213 Mair St, Ballarat Central 


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Mt Coghill Vineyard

Soon to unveil its new cellar door, Mt Coghill Vineyard invites visitors to enjoy tastings of their cold-climate wines amidst picturesque vineyards. Offering the true essence of Ballarat’s wine country, owners Tracey and Adam Adamczyk focus on small-batch wines crafted with locally sourced grapes, promising an authentic wine-tasting experience like no other. Whether you’re a wine enthusiast or simply looking to unwind in the beauty of nature, Mt Coghill Vineyard invites you to raise a glass and toast to the good life.

Location: 970 Coghills Creek Road, Coghills Creek 

From fine dining experiences to hidden gems waiting to be discovered, there’s something to satisfy every craving and delight every palate in Victoria’s top tourism town.