The Great Trentham Spudfest returns for two carb-loaded days

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The Great Trentham Spudfest returns for two carb-loaded days

Words by Staff Writer

For one weekend every autumn, Trentham is all about the humble potato.

Nestled amidst the picturesque backdrop of the Great Dividing Range lies the charming township of Trentham, renowned for its historic allure and fertile lands.

Come May 4th and 5th, this quaint locale will transform into a bustling hub of activity as it hosts the 16th edition of The Great Trentham Spudfest, an annual celebration of community, agriculture, and heritage.

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The festival, slated across two vibrant days, serves as a homage to the humble potato, a staple of the region’s rich red volcanic soil. Drawing locals and visitors alike, the event promises a delightful array of festivities, including local produce showcases, artisanal displays, live music, and culinary delights.

Festival coordinator Kye Theobald expresses enthusiasm for this year’s iteration, declaring it to be “bigger and better than ever before.” Emphasising the festival’s commitment to community engagement, Theobald highlights the event’s expansion to a two-day affair, made possible through generous sponsorships.

Day one of the festivities, set to enliven Trentham’s streets, features a traditional carnival atmosphere. Four bustling precincts will offer an assortment of spud-centric delicacies, fresh produce stalls, and entertainment for all ages. History buffs can partake in a guided tour of the town’s heritage-protected Spud Huts, led by the Trentham Historical Society.

As dusk descends, the festival transitions into the inaugural Spudfest Cèilidh, a celebration of Celtic culture featuring music, food, and dance. Hosted at The Factory on Market Street, the event promises a memorable evening for attendees.

Day two invites visitors to delve deeper into the region’s gastronomic offerings. The Spudfeast beckons with a progressive dining experience, showcasing spud-infused dishes at various venues across Trentham and its surrounds. Additionally, guided farm tours offer insight into local agricultural practices, with highlights including organic flower farms, heritage-breed livestock, and family-run garlic plantations.

Those inclined towards exploration can embark on the self-guided Farm Gate Trail, uncovering hidden culinary gems and participating in engaging activities such as The Great Spud Scavenger Hunt and historical tours.

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