Toasty opens second cafe, bringing a hidden toastie wonderland with coffee and shakes to South Geelong

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Toasty opens second cafe, bringing a hidden toastie wonderland with coffee and shakes to South Geelong

Words by Staff Writer

You can now get your toasted bready cheesey goodness fix in South Geelong.

Stepping into Toasty Geelong is like entering a tantalising toasty paradise, where creativity meets comfort in every mouthwatering bite. Since its grand debut in November 2020, this epic cafe has become the go-to spot for locals seeking the ultimate toastie experience that leaves their taste buds dancing with joy.

Now, edging on almost three years in the CBD, owners Mitch Hoare and Sarah Mithen have expanded, opening up a brand new Toasty location in South Geelong.

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Tucked away in the charming corners of South Geelong, at 32-34 Raptor Place, the new venue is bringing along the famed generously-sized, decadent toasties that ooze with flavour, alongside delicious coffee, a range of deliciously satisfying milkshakes and of course enthusiastic waves from the friendly staff.


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If you haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing Toasty’s toasty goodness yet, prepare to be amazed. Picture thick-cut bread brushed with butter and grilled to perfection, enveloping a mouthwatering medley of fillings. From the classic Grilled Cheese, boasting three types of cheese, to the indulgent Chavo with chicken and avo, there’s a toasty creation for every craving.

Venturing into new territory, Toasty also goes beyond traditional toasties with daring delights like the Cheeky Cheeseburger, featuring slow-cooked beef cheek, American mustard, and pickles. For those who love a kick of spice, the Spicy Southern Toastie, topped with spicy chicken and sweet chilli mayo, is a must-try.

Bound to be a hidden gem cherished by toastie enthusiasts, the walls of the new Toasty venue come alive with artistry, thanks to the talent of local artist and designer, Lauren Green, who also lent her creative touch to the first Toasty cafe. Featuring lush greenery and heavy tones of green with vibrant pops of colour, the mural transports you to a sunlit jungle, where nature’s splendour comes alive through the hands of a talented artist.

Creating a welcoming ambience that combines the comforts of a snug café with the beauty of the great outdoors, the green and grey tiled café counter exudes a touch of modern sophistication, offering a perfect contrast to the stunning bright mural.


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Currently, the cafe just features an outdoor set-up for dining in, perfect for those bright and sunny mornings we’ve been having. Indoor dining is currently in the works.

Whether you’re seeking a peaceful corner to catch up on work, meeting up with friends for a lazy brunch, or simply craving some alone time with a good book, Toasty’s new southside venue promises an unforgettable experience where fun meets flavour in every bite. Toast to a toastie-tastic celebration, Geelong style!

Toasty is located at 32-34 Raptor Place, South Geelong and is open 6:30am to 2:30pm Monday to Friday, and open 8:30 until 1:30 on Saturdays.