Cheers to Success: 18th Amendment Bar’s Gold-Winning Gin Shines at Australian Distilled Spirits Awards

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Cheers to Success: 18th Amendment Bar’s Gold-Winning Gin Shines at Australian Distilled Spirits Awards

Words by Staff Writer

Congratulations to the 18th Amendment team!

Geelong’s renowned 18th Amendment Bar is toasting a well-deserved victory as they bagged the prestigious Gold Medal in the Best Victorian Gin Category at the esteemed Australian Distilled Spirits Awards.

Held last night in the Victoria Pavilion at Melbourne Showgrounds, this year’s awards attracted a record 970 entries from 246 exhibitors across 11 categories. The win marks a significant milestone for the local bar’s team, whose passion and dedication have been recognised by an impressive panel of talented judges in the industry.

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This victory holds special significance for the 18th Amendment Bar, considering the blind tasting and impartial judging process carried out by esteemed experts in the field. The victory reflects the sheer quality of their gin, positioning it alongside other outstanding gins that have won the hearts of gin enthusiasts far and wide.

Having unveiled their first gin just six months ago, the team at 18th Amendment Bar is beaming with pride to see their creation stand tall among the gins they love and admire. This accomplishment signifies their commitment to excellence, and they are overjoyed to be acknowledged for their efforts.

“Incredibly proud to have picked up a Gold Medal in the Best Victorian Gin Category last night at the Australian Distilled Spirits Awards,” owner and industry veteran Gorge Camorra shared on social media.

“This is a very big deal to us, these awards are blind tasted and judged by an incredible panel of talented judges that are highly respected in our industry. This isn’t a popularity vote , this is the real deal and we are elated.

“Bringing out our first Gin only six months ago has been a dream for our team and to see it up there with incredible Gins that we love and support is just fantastic.”

Geelong locals and gin aficionados have all the reasons to celebrate this remarkable achievement. 18th Amendment Bar’s gin collection offers two exceptional styles: the Australian Dry Gin and the Old Tom Gin. While the dry gin earned them the gold, both varieties are a testament to the expertise and artistry of the bar’s award-winning bartenders.

The Australian Dry Gin is a delightful blend of locally sourced Australian botanicals, including Mountain Pepperberry and Strawberry Gum. The bold, citrusy flavours with a hint of pepper and classic Juniper zing make this gin a perfect companion for your favourite Gin and Tonic or any gin cocktail of your choice.

On the other hand, the Old Tom Gin is a sweetened 19th Century-style gin, designed to shine in classic gin cocktails or elevate your Gin and Tonic experience. This gin boasts the delightful flavours of Strawberry Gum and Anise Myrtle, beautifully balanced with citrus notes and the classic juniper zing.

For those eager to taste the award-winning gins or anyone in need of an unforgettable gin experience, find it at Craft Beer King on Shannon Ave, Geelong and all Pre Mix Kings in Ballarat.