There’s an Olivia Newton-John singalong happening in Geelong this Sunday

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There’s an Olivia Newton-John singalong happening in Geelong this Sunday

The incredible legacy Olivia Newton-John gave the world is celebrated this weekend with an epic singalong session at Beavs Bar.

It’s undeniable: Olivia Newton-John was one of the most successful singers of the 1970s and 1980s. The British-born Australian superstar, who was best known for her lead role in the film musical ‘Grease’ as beloved Sandy alongside John Travolta, reinvented herself over and over, from a sweet country singer to a Hollywood queen to an ’80s pop princess.

Following the loss of one of the world’s greats earlier this year, Geelong’s next Glee Club event is paying tribute to the star singing the songs that made her great.

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Glee Club, Melbourne’s famous singing group is coming to Geelong once again, this time with a huge singalong to Newton-John on Sunday, September 18 2022 at Beavs Bar.

If you haven’t heard of Glee Club before, it’s essentially like being in a choir, without the commitment of being in a choir. You don’t have to audition, no solos or pressure – and yes, you can even drink while you sing at the top of your lungs, very much like a regular Saturday night on the Beavs dancefloor.

Vicky Jacobs leads the sessions from the piano and has developed a reputation for being able to get everyone to sing with confidence from the most nervous new singers to Australia’s top stars. She has worked in the music departments of hit shows such as Moulin Rouge, Come From Away, Jersey Boys and Wicked, but loves nothing more than getting a group of people singing their hearts out. For years now, Vicky has been running Glee events at pub and bar venues from Melbourne’s CBD to Yarraville, Brighton, Hobart and now, in more recent months, Geelong too.

Anyone can join in at Glee Club from singers who’ve only ever sung in the shower to experienced choristers. As Vicky says, “It’s a bit like being in a choir without having to join a choir. We teach everyone the high and low parts but each person gets to choose what they’d like to sing. Then the magic happens and before you know it, we’re all singing in harmony!”

Throughout the singalong this weekend, Vicky injects a load of fun, personality and encouragement into the club. Creating an entirely judgement-free zone, attendees in Geelong will be tackling as many of Olivia Newton-John’s hits as they can fit into just over an hour

“I can’t wait to do these fabulous songs with everyone! They’re so fun to sing – everything from the silliness of Grease to the steaminess of ‘Physical’. I know we’re going to have a ball!”

Glee Club Olivia Newton-John Sing-a-long goes down on Sunday, September 18 2022 from 5pm at Beavs Bar, Geelong. Check out the event here and book here.