The pub meets Scienceworks: A Pint of Science Festival serves up a tasting paddle of surprising science sessions

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The pub meets Scienceworks: A Pint of Science Festival serves up a tasting paddle of surprising science sessions

Words by Staff Writer

Three nights of mind-boggling science facts held in a brewery and all for the price of a pint; the annual A Pint of Science Festival comes to Geelong and Bendigo on 13, 14 and 15 May.

The key to beer brewing is all in the science. It’s only fitting then that beer makes it way into annual mystery-unpacking event Pint of Science Festival.

Returning for 2024 at Geelong’s Furphy Hall at Little Creatures and Bendigos Queen Arms Hotel, the three-day event series dives into science stories of all sizes and flavours in an attempt to break stereotypes, build science appreciation and highlight amazing science brewing in your own backyard.

Pint of Science

  • Monday 13 May, 6.30PM – Furphy Hall, Little Creatures: It’s all about bacteria
  • Monday 13 May, 6.30PM – Queen Arms Hotel, Bendigo: What’s Really All Around Us
  • Tuesday 14 May, 6.30PM – Furphy Hall, Little Creatures: Taking on disease
  • Tuesday 14 May, 6.30PM – Queen Arms Hotel, Bendigo: Rural Health In Focus
  • Wednesday 15 May, 6.30PM – Furphy Hall, Little Creatures: All about our natural world
  • Wednesday 15 May 6.30PM – Queen Arms Hotel, Bendigo: When Your Neck’s On The Line
  • Cost: $8 per session

Stay up to date with what’s happening in and around the region here.

For the cost of a pint at $8 per session, audiences are invited into the science world to celebrate the subject and learn surprising, interesting and topical facts about the latest scientific research as presented by local scientists, science enthusiasts and academics in the field.

On Monday 13 May, step into the stomach to learn about gut bacteria and what it has to do with your siblings and eating berries. Uncover how your nose can infect your brain and how we are developing superheroes to fight bacteria. Meg Manohar of CSIRO will touch on The World of Bacteria, Peter Vuillermin of Deakin University speaks to what Amish farms, siblings, blueberries and bacterial lysates have in common and Lynn Nazareth of CSIRO touch on how what’s in your nose can infect your brain. Over in Bendigo, explore DNA and plastics with La Trobe University’s Ing Kong as she discusses Plasticulture, and Haylo Roberts of EnviroDNA who explores how DNA holds all of the answers.

The next evening on Tuesday 14 May in Geelong, Dona Johns of Deakin University, Debolina Majumdar of the CSIRO and Callum LeLay of the CSIRO deep dive into disease discussing how chickens are being used to knock out the flu, how drugs are being repurposed for kids brain cancer and looking into the origins of RNA viruses as used for COVID vaccines. At Queen Arms Hotel, jump into a session that explores retaining regional nurses and exercising rights alongside La Trobe University representative Daniel Wundersitz, Rodrigo Rico Bini, Lisa Hanson and Maureen Dillon.

The final night Wednesday 15 May, hear about designing plumbing for sustainable water use, developing more sustainable ways to get metals to nutrition in fish. Deakin University’s James Gong, David Francis and Ellen Moon will take you through the journey. In Bendigo join some of La Trobe Rural Health School’s leading researchers, Daniel English and Brian Haskins, and learn about the causes and treatments of chronic neck pain, as well as the potential of bystanders to save lives during cardiac arrests.

Tickets are available at the door but spots will fill up quickly for each session. Head to the Pint of Science website for tickets and further session information.