Dragons are heading to Ballarat’s magical Kryal Castle for the school holidays

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Dragons are heading to Ballarat’s magical Kryal Castle for the school holidays

From hatchlings to full sized fire-breathers, dragons have arrived at Australia’s only medieval adventure park Kryal Castle.

Yes, you read that correctly: Dragons have landed at Kryal Castle where they will take medieval life to new heights these school holidays! 

From 17th September to 2nd October, visitors can look forward to a dragon-frenzy with hatchlings through to full-sized fire breathers, non-stop dragon-themed shows and activities for the whole family running all day, every day! 

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Stepping straight into a magical medieval land, adventure goers will be amazed as trained dragon keepers perform magical feats with enormous beasts on the Main Arena, followed by an up close and personal Meet and Greet.  

Not only will there be three life-sized dragons on show, but their babies have also arrived with them, and guests of all ages will be able to meet the baby dragons throughout the day as they roam the castle grounds.  

Whilst certainly the main attraction, the dragons aren’t the only exciting event at Kryal Castle these spring holidays as visitors can journey through the dark chambers of the Dragon Labyrinth; laugh along with pantomimes; join in a potion-making workshop with the esteemed Wizard; or even learn the noble arts of archery. 

Those who truly want to test their abilities can attend a wand-making workshop with the resident witch or learn the skills of combat at Knights Training – where they could become Kryal’s newest hero! 

The Main Arena will also play host to the shows of the Knights of Kryal Castle including a Mounted Skill-At Arms display, Sword Fighting display and, of course, the Championship Joust that concludes the day in a  ferocious clash of lances atop their mighty steeds. 

The dragons have arrived for these school holidays only so a truly magical experience awaits! 

Kryal Castle is open every day during the school holidays from 10am to 4pm. Head here to book tickets and secure your spot.