Step inside Melbourne’s new breathtaking neon-lit mirrored maze with only one way out

Step inside Melbourne’s new breathtaking neon-lit mirrored maze with only one way out


RISING presents 'Kaleidoscope' - a new instillation work by Keith Courtney that will see guests step inside a hall of rotating mirrors, light and sound.

As part of Melbourne’s upcoming RISING Festival, The Art Centre Melbourne is hosting a brand new installation work by Keith Courtney, one of the artists behind House of Mirrors and 1000 Doors.

“No one will have the same experience in Kaleidoscope,” says Keith Courtney on this installation. “This is a multi-sensory and at times physical experience where the visitor is completely submerged in sound and light – a vortex of serenity to somewhere or nowhere.”

The key takeaways

  • Kaleidoscope is a trippy walkthrough mirror maze that includes light and sound
  • The installation is located at the Forecourt of the Arts Centre Melbourne
  • It’s running from June 1 – 19 as part of Melbourne’s upcoming RISING festival

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Step into a constantly shifting illusion with Kaleidoscope, a brave and adventurous upscaling of a deceptively simple toy.

A work that contains 700 square metres of glass, steel, mirrors and moving prisms, visitors will be invited to navigate a slowly rotating maze of corridors that burst with light and colour. As one of the masterminds behind House of Mirrors and 1000 Doors, Keith Courtney’s work has featured on the Arts Centre Melbourne forecourt in 2017 and 2018 respectively.

Complete with a soundscape composed by Tamil Rogeon and performed by The Australian Boys Choir, Kaleidoscope promises to be an all-encompassing sensory experience.


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Delighted that Keith Coutney is once again working with the Art Centre Melbourne to provide his largest scale work yet to its forecourt, Director of Programming Edwina Lunn has said that “visitors to Melbourne’s premiere arts precinct will once again leave with a totally transformed view of reality, having experienced a new kind of engagement with beauty and tranquillity.”

Kaleidoscope runs from June 1 – 19 at the Forecourt of the Arts Centre Melbourne in association with RISING. For more information, and to grab your tickets, head here.