SouthAmerica Coffee Co, a sleek specialty coffee bar championing Colombian brews, arrives in Little Malop Street

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SouthAmerica Coffee Co, a sleek specialty coffee bar championing Colombian brews, arrives in Little Malop Street

Photo by Jane Fitzgerald
Words by Staff Writer

Pop by for a smooth locally roasted brew in the heart of the Geelong CBD.

With a passion for exceptional coffee and a warm and intimate vibe, Little Malop Street couldn’t have been a better fit for SouthAmerica Coffee Co’s first outpost.

Opening in late July, this new coffee bar promises to infuse the vibrant streets of Geelong with the rich, authentic flavours of South American coffee, delivering a sensational experience for all java aficionados.

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Colombian-born Juan Cala, the mastermind behind SouthAmerica Coffee Co., initially started his coffee venture as a mobile coffee van back in 2021. After witnessing the tale of a man who pursued his passion through a food truck, Juan was inspired to create his very own coffee haven. Operating from the back of a jeep, Cala filled his calendar with events where he’d park his coffee truck and pour his delicious roasted blends.

For Cala, coffee was a way for him to feel connected to his roots and continue his family’s coffee legacy, with his parents having grown coffee beans back in Colombia. Through every meticulously brewed and perfectly poured coffee, Cala was able to bring a little piece of Colombia to regional Victoria, showcasing a taste of a country with beautiful food and amazing coffee.

Navigating the series of lockdowns, Cala, alongside his partner Erika, spent the majority of their first year closed, inspiring Cala to take his coffee truck to even greater heights in the time that followed – introducing cold brew, Nitro coffee and using environmentally friendly products.

Now, SouthAmerica Coffee Co. has taken the next step by opening its charming coffee bar, allowing locals and visitors alike to savour the distinct taste of South American coffee blends. While traditional coffee options like Ethiopian will still be on offer, the focus will be on bringing the unique flavours of Colombian and Brazilian beans to Geelong’s thriving coffee scene. You’ll also find single origin filter and drip-ice coffee.

Taking over a small, intimate space, at Unit 2/82 Little Malop Street, Cala’s dream of opening his own space was realised while working as a chef next door at Bahjong. Adjoined to the restaurant, the space was too dark for Bahjong’s vision, but for Cala, it was exactly what he envisioned for a coffee bar. In just four months, Cala transformed the space into a sleek and trendy coffee bar.

Proving warm and intimate with minimal seating and inspired by the rich traditions and flavours of South America, the focus here is primarily on the coffee, although there will be a range of traditional Colombian pastries and refreshing soft drinks for you to either enjoy in or on your way to work. We also have it on good authority that Colombian Chocolate and the famous Aguadepanela will be up for grabs.

“At SouthAmerica Coffee Co., we believe that great coffee fosters connections and builds communities. Our coffee bar in Geelong is designed as a gathering/takeaway or point of reference place, where friends can meet, colleagues can collaborate, and strangers can strike up conversations over a common love for great coffee.

“We invite you to immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Geelong’s coffee culture while savouring every sip of your South American-inspired beverage.”

The ideal destination for anyone seeking an authentic South American experience, the venue will mainly operate for takeaway coffee though there is space outside to enjoy your brew.

And for the loyalists out there, the coffee truck will still operate on weekends.

So, if you find yourself strolling through Little Malop Street, be sure to stop by SouthAmerica Coffee Co. and enjoy the finest South American coffee experience Geelong has to offer. With every sip, you’ll embark on a journey that celebrates the legacy and passion behind South American coffee culture.

Find it at Unit 2/82 Little Malop Street, Geelong.