Papa Pilko And The Binrats

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Papa Pilko And The Binrats

They’re a band that has earned a reputation as one of Sydney’s standout live acts and have hit stages across the East Coast to much acclaim. After releasing and touring their track ‘Bloodlines’ last year, Papa Pilko And The Binrats return to the stage this Summer with their new track ‘Surrender’. We chat to Tom Wilkinson ahead of their upcoming gigs.

Hey guys, thanks for chatting to Forte Mag! First off, can you introduce yourselves and tell us a bit about the band?

Howdy Forte! Well, we’re just six lads from Sydney who play kinda strange but real wild tunes and have a bloody good time while doing so! We have Cyrus front and centre on the vocals, he enjoys really tiny knives and a cheeky Aperol Spritz on a Sunday; Pablo on Guitar, Banjo and Trombone – a picture taker by trade and a lover of suede; his twin brother Benito on Bass who also snaps photos for a living and is the steadiest, grooviest hand in the biz. Tom plays Guitar and Trumpet and is currently trying to cleverly describe himself… Jubby plays Saxophone, the only man capable of spontaneously downing four litres of milk and Josh on the Drums, a Ceramics genius with an eye for old, often weird, collectables.
You’re already into your ‘Surrender’ single launch summer tour. How’s it going so far and what can we expect from you at The Workers Club?
The tour has been going really well so far, all the shows have seen great crowds with some serious charisma! Great tales to be told for sure. We’ve been to The Workers Club before, our horn section headed down mid last year with Steve Smyth and got a real good taste for the venue and loved it so we’re stoked to be heading down again with the full band! You can expect some real groovy tunes, BBQ and most likely a couple of cold ones.
Describe your new track ‘Surrender’ in a few words.
An absolute banger. No more, no less. Nah it’s alright hey… Check it out.
Known for delivering wild vibes and good times, do you have any pre-show rituals to get you pumped?
Our pre-show game is pretty simple really, smash a sound check (if we can) then ease into the night with some liquid courage and crack a few rough jokes (the longer the journey to the venue, the rougher the jokes get) then get really keen to get up on stage and have a shred!
You guys have been together since November 2011. What’s changed over time in terms of your sound and approach to music (if any)?
Hmm, well I’d say we’re a lot more chilled in most aspects of music these days which is really cool, keeps things fun! Our sound has always been so diverse that I don’t think too much has actually changed in that respect, we just make music that works for us and I think that relaxed attitude comes across in the tunes and people can maybe relate to that and get amongst it!
It’s been said this tour is the first of many things planned for 2018. Can you let us in on any of your plans? Perhaps there is an album/EP in the works?
Yes indeed! Well obviously a record would be unreal but our wallets are rinsed to be honest. However, there will be new music from us throughout the year, along with a bunch of other fun things that we will divulge in good time…
When & Where: The Workers Club, Geelong – February 23 & The B.East, Brunswick – February 24