Mashd N Kutcher: Australia’s favourite LIVE DJ duo return

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Mashd N Kutcher: Australia’s favourite LIVE DJ duo return

When the boys from Brissy, Adam and Matt AKA Mashd N Kutcher, began their search for the ultimate female vocalist for their new single ‘Need Me’, they travelled half way around the world to LA, only to find her closer to home on NSW’s sunny Central Coast. “We did some studio sessions over in Los Angeles, and we got a couple of vocalists over there to lay down the chorus, but we didn’t really have anything for the verses,” says drummer Matt.
“Then we met Sammi Constantine through a mutual friend in Australia. Funnily enough we went all the way to America and we ended up finding the perfect person right under our nose. So Sammi wrote the verses and everything came together really quick.”
‘Need Me’ was inspired by The Cardigans’ mega hit ‘Love Fool’. “The cool thing about that track was that like a lot of nineties pop songs it had a pretty wacky video clip and it’s one of those nostalgic sort of songs that just stick in your head,” he adds.
Mashd N Kutcher are no strangers to bangin’ tunes – with two certified gold records for ‘Do It Now’ and ‘My Sunshine’, they’ve been named Australia’s #1 electronic DJ duo. “It’s been so incredible to find ourselves meeting new fans in different countries and places we’ve never been,” says Adam (keys). “Some of the places we’ve never heard of, all over Europe and in tiny towns in Germany and Wales.”
Their path to world domination started as youngsters. “We spent our early childhood days watching Rage or listening to the records our parents played,” Adam adds, “and we both studied and played music all through schooling and beyond.”
“For me it was joining the school concert band, as you do,” Matt laughs. “It’s a lot simpler in primary school, isn’t it?”
The best mates may play it cool, but who else can say that they’ve collaborated with Olympic royalty Usain Bolt for the reggae inspired mix ‘Set Summer Free’. “He’s just an awesome dude!,” laughs Adam. “That’s the best way to put it I think, and because of that it wasn’t too nerve-racking to ask him to be part of the mix, you know? He loves music, he loves clubbing – he’s just all about it.”
To add to their ever expanding CVs, Adam and Matt were hand-picked to support Dutch dance king Tiesto on his recent trip to Australia. “We were very excited to meet the godfather, the big boss of dance,” Matt says.
Now they’re on the Road to Ultra Australia, taking over Melbourne on this Saturday February 24. “We’re predicting this is going to be huge for us.” With Afrojack and Axwell /\ Ingrosso and international support from Carnage, Kshmr and Andrew Rayel, as well as Will sparks, Timmy Trumpet and Tigerlily also to perform.
So what does the future hold for Mashd N Kutcher? “All we can say is that we will be releasing more music this year and we’re very excited – there’s a lot coming. There’s some remakes, there’s some originals, there’s some great features and collabs. For us, this year’s all about music.”
When & Where: ROAD TO ULTRA AUSTRALIA @ Sidney Myer Music Bowl, Melbourne – Saturday February 24 & Club Co Crown, Melbourne – Tuesday February 27.
Written by Natalie Rogers