Oz Kink Fest is the ultimate alternative lifestyle festival

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Oz Kink Fest is the ultimate alternative lifestyle festival

Strap yourself in. The Oz Kink Fest is back, bringing fetish enthusiasts, experts and retailers together for the kinkiest 10 days Melbourne has seen!

The Oz Kink Fest is an annual festival for the alternate and kink community of Australia, uniting all those of alternative lifestyles and sexuality groups. The festival offers a variety of opportunities and events for those of all interests and kinks.

Oz Kink Festival aims to help raise the community spirit and provide an event that benefits the alternative lifestyle community at large – with zero judgement. You’ll enjoy high quality entertainment – including some great music, workshops including both educational and community building based, along with the best and hottest parties in town – the Fetish Expo after party should definitely be on your ‘to do’ list.

With a unique trading and socialising environment, somewhere safe and welcoming to all, and an aim to support local businesses (a combination of 60 plus local and national vendors will be in the city for the event) the festival will bring a significant amount to Melbourne. Here you’ll find everything and anything, from shoes to corsets or even whips and chains, whatever your fetish, you will find it here!

For the city, whose alternative lifestyle community is growing – and includes those interested in fetish, leather and kinks, amongst others, this festival is an opportunity to learn, share experiences and take part in new experiences. The Oz Kink Festival provides a safe, informative and educational environment for socialising and learning all about what is often kept secret.

Some highlights of the festival include a grand fetish fashion show, competitions for best outfits at the festival, performances by artists including Osada Steve (Japan), “Polyfilla”, Samora Squid, Captain Ruin, Mistress Tokyo, Ignixia (USA), Robert Dante (USA) and more, alongside play spaces, shopping discounts and workshops for a variety of interests.

If you have ever harboured any form of interest in the alternative lifestyle community this festival is the perfect chance to learn more, and to discover people with a wide range of interests. With 18 separate locations across the city this is an opportunity to try something, or several somethings for the first time, and a chance to play out any hidden desires, or even to attempt your biggest and/or deepest fantasy.

With a mission statement that includes providing entertainment, safety, education, and fun for those living an alternative lifestyle Oz Kink Festival will have something for everyone, ranging for newbies and those with a mild interest to the most experienced. It will be a fun experience for all and an experience that keeps on giving.

When & Where: Various locations across Melbourne – September 15 – 25

More info available via the website.