Meet Mercy, the lively new shipping-container café at Geelong’s Eastern Park

Meet Mercy, the lively new shipping-container café at Geelong’s Eastern Park

Photo by @lrsault

If you’re looking for a new coffee spot in the CBD with simply stunning views, then we’ve found the perfect joint for you.

If we’ve learned one thing over the years it’s that you can put all kinds of things in shipping containers. Even, it turns out, cafes, bars and restaurants.

Local Benjamin Waters opted for the former. After meticulously slinging consistently smooth coffee as a barista at Bear and Bean café over the years, Ben has taken a shipping container, plonked it down in the middle of East Geelong Golf Club, and decked it out as a vibrant and fresh new café.

The key takeaways

  • Mercy Cafe has opened at Eastern Park in Geelong, overlooking the golf course
  • Local Ben Waters has transformed a shipping container into a humble coffee spot
  • Mercy will be open daily from 7am

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Dubbed Mercy, the charming coffee spot has been the culmination of more than two years in the works. The dream began with Ben launching a catering side of the Mercy Café back in 2019, where he hit the ground running with stunning grazing tables and cheeseboards for local events.

Wanting to create something sustainable and potentially movable, Ben’s vision for Mercy was in the form of a shipping container. Since securing the structure back in August of 2019, it’s been an arduous task to transform the container into a nifty little café.

Breathing new life into existing materials, the light, open space features a glass window and a window bench that allows a view of the beautiful golf course, ideal for one to perch themselves with a steaming latte on a cold winter morning.

The café itself boasts a textured dark green counter, bright whites, and elegant timber finishes, effortlessly creating an elegant café interior that’s both simple yet charming. The added greenery and sea salt coffee machine further breathe life into the space. You’ll also find outdoor stools and tables as well as outdoor heaters on the deck to keep you coffee lovers toasty while embracing the fresh, coastal breeze.

Opening earlier this week, Mercy will serve Mikro Coffee Roasters coffee, an award-winning Specialty Coffee roaster based in Torquay and Shanti Soulfoods specialty chai, also hailing from the Surf Coast.

The food menu features a bevvy of sandwiches and baguettes all made on-site. Our picks include the fresh tomato and basil baguette, or the pork and beef meatballs, tomato sugo, cheese, pickled red onion and spinach sandwich. The flavour combinations here are second to none and Mercy are catering to all dietaries, especially with the vibrant chilli tofu, eggplant, tomato, hot mustard, pickled red onion, spinach and Vietnamese mint sandwich. Oooff. Flavour!

You’ll also find the likes of coconut and cranberry bircher muesli and several sweet treats which will be out on display.

If we would sum this new little venture up in one sentence, it would be simple stuff done right – and honestly, what more could you want.

Mercy is open 7am to 3pm every day at 401 Eastern Park Circuit, Geelong.