7 reasons why shipping containers make amazing music studios

7 reasons why shipping containers make amazing music studios

Time to get creative!

There are many ways to upcycle used shipping containers but music studios are one of our favourites. You can set up a complete control room, tracking room or ‘all-in-one’ sound studio housed within a 20 foot shipping container.

Here’s our top 7 reasons you should use a shipping container to make a killer music studio.

1. Creates a natural reverb
Reverb is an amazing musical effect that can make guitars more dramatic and vocals more cutting. But sadly, nowadays a lot of reverb is added artificially, and trust us, it does not sound a good as the real thing! With a shipping container, you’ll find that your instruments are naturally echoed back to you without the need for digital editing. Perfect for those of you who prefer their music the natural way, or for those of you who don’t have access to mixing equipment.

2. Fantastic acoustics
If reverb isn’t your thing and you’re more focused on good acoustics, again the shipping container is the best natural recording studio you could get. The sheet metal that the shipping container is made out of and the small space create the perfect acoustics.

3. Transportable
You may not need to move your music studio at the minute, but what would happen if your recording studio was built into your house and you suddenly had to move? All the money and time you put into building your perfect music studio would effectively be ruined and you would have to start again when you move properties. With a shipping container this never has to be the case. You can simply haul your shipping container to your new address and have your studio ready to go whenever you’re ready.

4. They’re soundproof
Your shipping container will keep outside noise from ruining your recording and prevent your neighbours from complaining all in one go.

5. Private
Sometimes it’s best to have your recording studio as a completely separate space to your home. This way it feels more private and you’ll be less tempted to pop back and forth to the kitchen or living room and instead focus on your music. It also means that if you’re working on new material that isn’t quite show ready you can keep it private until it is.

6. They save space
If you don’t have a spare room in your home to make a recording studio, a shipping container is the perfect solution. They are compact enough to fit at the end of your garden easily.

7. Cost-effective
Best yet, shipping containers are very cost-effective. Once you’ve purchased and set up your shipping container recording studio, you have a robust, compact and portable studio that will last you for decades. You can take it with you, use it as much as you like, not have to share a space and not have to pay another penny. This makes it a much more cost-effective option than constantly renting studio space or having to insulate and ready a room if you move house.

So there you have it, just 7 reason why your next music studio should be a shipping container – and trust us, there are many more!