10 local ways to spice up your morning coffee when you need to turn things up a notch

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10 local ways to spice up your morning coffee when you need to turn things up a notch

Words by Benjamin Lamb

Take your boring cup of joe to the next level.

Sure, your usual morning latte is great for starting the day, but there’s a bunch of other things to add to your coffee besides cow’s milk and coffee, there’s mixers, sweeteners, and herbs galore when it comes to spicing up your daily cup of joe! We’re diving into some of the coolest coffee additions that you can pick up at some local regional groceries outlined below.

Coles Urban Coffee Culture Syrup Caramel

If you’re a sugar in your coffee type of person, then it’s time to open up your tastebuds to some other sweetness with this caramel coffee sweetener available at any local Coles. It’s made it New Zealand too, so you know there’ll be no added nasties you’ve never heard of.

It’s probably not the healthiest thing to have in your coffee every day, but good for spicing up your afternoon coffee every now and then. And for only $5, it’s a bargain way to get Starbucks quality drinks.

Grab it here.

The Legend Blend

If you’ve got a fancy espresso machine and you’re a fan of venturing outside the ordinary with the beans you use, then look no further than the aptly titled Legend Blend.

It’s got tasting notes of chocolate, citrus and stone fruit, so wake up feeling fancy with this coffee. Feel good about supporting local businesses, too, this is a special blend, only available over at Geelong coffee roasters.

Buy it here.

Oat Milk

In recent times, coffee and hot drinkers alike have ventured outside the milk from cows into other, more environmentally friendly types.

Things like Almond Milk and Soy Milk are long regarded substitutes to dairy, but in the last few years, we’ve seen many other types emerge, one of the most notable being Oat Milk, a unique blend, that gives an interesting taste to your cuppa.

Grab some on Ipantry or locally at Organic Larder – Geelong Organics & Health Foods.

Looking for more local coffee beans? Check out six of the coolest Regional Coffee Roasters here.

Suncoast Gold Macadamia Milk

Continuing on this quirky milk journey, we get to the nut milk aisle, with Australia’s Suncoast gold and their Macadamia milk.

Suncoast Gold actually being a macadamia manufacturer located in Gympie, so you know this milk will be high quality. It’s one of the sweetest nuts out there too, so it’ll give your brew some nice organic sweetness.

You can pick up Suncoast Gold’s Macadamia Milk at most Aldi’s.


Yes, Ginger, it’s actually meant to be one of the best ways to make your coffee one to remember. If you’re a fan of gingerbread – it’s said to be like having a gingerbread flavoured coffee every morning.

Grind up the ginger with your coffee beans and then make it as normal. If coffee’s never something that usually agrees with you, ginger coffee is meant to have a heap of health benefits too, most notably cutting down on stomach pains.

Some form of ginger can be picked up at most grocery stores.

Sugar Free White Chocolate Syrup

If you’re a sweet tooth, but trying to cutdown the unhealthy things in your diet, then look no further than Wisdom Foods’ No Sugar No Calories Sugar free syrup!

It’s got the taste of the sugar-filled chocolate, but with very little bad stuff! So you won’t feel bad about chucking it in your morning coffee for a sugary buzz.

Pick it up over at Wisdom Foods here.

Monk Fruit Sweetener Sticks

If you love a spoonful or two of sugar in your coffee, and are trying to cut down, then its probably worth grabbing some Monk fruit sweetener sticks.

It’s a healthy, sure-fire way to give that coffee an extra buzz without any bad stuff going in your body. It’s good for all types of stuff too, coffee, hot chocolate, tea, even cereal!

Grab some at Coles.


It’s not some weird hangover cure, mixing an egg into your java juice is meant to give a truly interesting flavour. This idea actually comes from an old Scandinavian recipe, that’s supposed to create some sort of thick mud, which is your coffee.

It’s not just cracking an egg into your already made cup of coffee, though –  Check out the full recipe for it here.


Literally spice up your cup of joe with some Cayenne Pepper. It’s truly a great way to hyper start your day. Mix a bit of cayenne pepper to your coffee grounds for a buzz that’ll take you through the week.

It’s actually super healthy beneficial to do this too, with cayenne being full of capsaicin, which is great in burning fat and killing pain.

You can grab Cayenne Powder at most local grocers.

Geisha Village Coffee Beans

This isn’t for the faint of heart, these pretty pricey beans were produced in an interesting way, in an ‘unclean’ forest, and the beans are actually cleaned during the fermentation process, where the over-controlled nature of the fermentation gives a really different flavour than anything we’ve ever seen in coffee, it’s got a cherry notes, and has often been described as ‘sparkling coffee’

Grab it here.