Six of the coolest Regional Coffee Roasters

Six of the coolest Regional Coffee Roasters

Martin Street Coffee Roasters
Words by Benjamin Lamb

For that extra bit of sparkle in your morning cappuccino.

The World’s coffee capital is home to some of the most awesome roasters and bean makers, today we’re diving into some of Regional Victoria’s coolest bean flavours and coffee equipment that will make that morning cup extra special. Support local and grab a pack of beans online from the shops below!

Piccolo Coffee Roasters –  Warrnambool 

Warnambool’s Piccolo Coffee Roasters have literally built their suburb’s coffee scene from the ground up with their unique Coffee shop. 

The Coffee shop is home to a bunch of amazing beans, and bevy of cool coffee paraphernalia. Some of their beans have got some cool flavour profiles, including citrus, caramel, cocoa, and a heap more.

There’s many big things on the horizon for Piccolo Roasters, they want their roastery to one day be like a winery or lolly shop, full of tastings, shopping, and takeaways; as the owner Jon Darcy put it; “We want people to taste and pick the beans they want to take home”

For those budding baristas out there, Piccolo Roasters has a lot of cool equipment like a mini coffee grinder, and a pretty cool Bunker Pack. Check out and support them here through grabbing some things off their online shop.

Geelong Coffee Roasters – Geelong

The aptly named Geelong Coffee Roasters is the Gateway City’s premier Coffee wholesaler. What sets this shop apart, is that they’re really focused on providing customers with the highest quality cup, they aim to set their roasting to a minimum level of 80+ SCAA – which is a rating out of 100, which shows you how bloody good a cup of their coffee tastes. 

They’ve got an extensive range of well-named beans ready for your purchase; with some pretty nice tasting profiles. Marshmallow flavoured ‘Sunrise’ is perfect for those Sunday mornings, ‘Fat Gypsy’ is for those fancier coffee drinkers, it’s got notes of raisins, cherries, caramel and chocolate. Finally, there’s the god tier of coffee, with their Goliath Blend; which has notes of molasses, tobacco vanilla and currents – grab that here

Check out their other cool flavours and some other stuff over at their shop here.

Cartel Coffee Roasters – Geelong

Cartel Coffee Roasters is another awesome beanery from regional Victoria. It’s been around since 08, and they’ve gone from strength to strength, and now has its beans across the state. Head of Cartel, Nathan Johnson’s goal for his coffee shop is to provide Aussies with the best quality coffees in the world. 

Cartel sets itself apart from the rest through offering extremely rare and speciality coffee beans, and they’re developed in really awesome sustainable and safe ways. Some of their flavours include flavours like blueberries, honey, jelly, and Jasmin – so there’s something for everyone. 

Their shop has around 30 flavours of coffee, and 40 types of tea, even some pretty awesome rare / exotic beans, that would definitely be worth spending an extra bit of money on for that luxurious cup of coffee. 

Brewhouse Coffee Roasters – Bendigo

This trendy stop on the list is definitely worthy of checking out. They’re focused on giving customers the best cup every time. They only offer beans that are in season, to give every cup that extra flare. To really make sure every cup is as good as the last, beans are ground to order. 

The Roasters have a bunch of awesome things on their online shop, like a Peruvian Single Origin bean that has some spicy tasting notes, a Colombian single origin that’s got sugar cane and caramel tasting notes, and even a decaf range for those who aren’t into normal coffee. 

Check out their online store here, and a pretty cool mystery box for an easy $55.  


Martin St Coffee – Blackwood

Located in the quiet, relatively unknown regional Vic town of Blackwood (near Daylesford and Trentham), it was started by a couple of CBD coffee makers who wanted to bring the best of Melbourne to the country.  You can head to the spot for a taste of their beautiful beans in a variety of forms; Cold Brew, Pour Over, and even with a bit liqueur for an extra buzz. 

According to the roastery’s co-owner, their beans can sit apart from the rest because they air roast, which gives the coffee an overall better taste, and removes a lot of the bitterness that turns so many off a cup. Their online shop has a heap of cool beans, some fresh handmade chai, some elderflower syrup, plus a lot more. 

Check it out here.

Custom Coffees – Bendigo

Custom Coffee was one of Regional Victoria’s earliest coffee roasters, providing their high quality bean to many cafes and venues across the state. They set themselves apart from the pack through their experience, they have been around for a long time, so they assuredly know how to pour a good cup of coffee.

Their online shop is jam – packed with awesome stuff, they’ve got blends, single origin, and decaf, for all those different coffee lovers out there. They’ve even got a cool tasting pack if you’re not sure what you want yet.

Check out the rest of the stuff at their shop here

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