Lucinda Goodwin receives prestigious Ross Lipson Award at Queenscliff Music Festival 2023

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Lucinda Goodwin receives prestigious Ross Lipson Award at Queenscliff Music Festival 2023

Ross Lipson Award - Lucinda Goodwin @ Queenscliff Music Festival on November 26, 2023 in Queenscliff, Victoria. © 2023 Patrick Callow, all rights reserved.
Words by Staff Writer

Geelong-based live music photographer Lucinda Goodwin has been awarded the Ross Lipson Award.

Geelong-based live music photographer Lucinda Goodwin adds another feather to her cap, having been honoured with the Ross Lipson Award at this year’s Queenscliff Music Festival.

The accolade, a joint initiative from the Sweethearts Foundation and Queenscliff Music Festival, recognises and celebrates creative women in the Geelong region who contribute significantly to the local music scene.

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Fresh from earning a finalist nomination in the Australian Women in Music Awards, Goodwin’s achievements were further acknowledged with the Ross Lipson Award. The award, supported by A&B Musical Instruments, is a testament to her dedication and impact in developing and supporting the local music community.

“Queenscliff Music Festival is always my favourite weekend of the year but this year is even more special! After shooting the festival for what is my 11th year, I was honoured to accept the Ross Lipson Award for 2023,” Goodwin said in a statement.

“It’s a really special feeling to be recognised for what you do in an industry even more so in the community that feels like your extended family. I’m honoured to be recognised alongside some incredible past recipients, who do so much for this incredible industry, and champion females in a sector that can be really difficult to navigate because of gender. Furthermore I’m so grateful for the beautiful women I’m surrounded by and get to collaborate with on a regular basis who are also my constant support.”

“Since age 17 I’ve been coming to QMF, this festival was my introduction to live music, and the catalyst for me pursuing a career in the music industry. Which 14 years later I can confidently say I’ve done.”

Having started her photography journey at Falls Festival as an 18-year-old, Goodwin has evolved into a powerhouse, capturing moments of music royalty and emerging artists alike. From Sir Elton John to Yungblud, her lens has immortalised the performances of some of the biggest names in the industry.

The Ross Lipson Award not only honours Goodwin’s outstanding work but also commemorates the legacy of Ross Lipson, founder of the Sweethearts in 1989. Lipson’s vision and dedicated work in providing opportunities for young women in the music industry are remembered through this award. The prize includes $1000 cash from the Sweethearts Foundation Board, $1000 worth of products from A&B Music, and a commemorative plaque. The selection criteria focus on excellence in any music industry area, promotion and support of the local music scene, and active contribution to the region’s youth.”

“A big thank you to the Lipson family, Sweethearts & QMF for this beautiful gesture, accepting this award named in Ross’ honor in acknowledgment of all he did for girls in the music industry is such a huge honor.

“I’m so grateful to be just one of many fierce females contributing to our wonderful industry and it’s truly something I will be forever grateful for.”

“Keep going to live local music, buying merch, and support your female friends hustling to make it in music industry be it on stage or behind the scenes, we need to see more girls represented everywhere!

“17 year old me never imagined any of this in her wildest dreams – Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your endless love & support.”

Goodwin’s recognition comes as a fitting conclusion to a remarkable year filled with solo exhibitions, national award nominations, international merch launches, and, of course, capturing the essence of live music. Her journey, rooted in the Queenscliff Music Festival, has come full circle, making the Ross Lipson Award a poignant acknowledgment of her significant contributions to the industry.

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