‘Kalimna’ is the soulful new exhibition showcasing four of Geelong’s most exciting artists, representing nature through art

‘Kalimna’ is the soulful new exhibition showcasing four of Geelong’s most exciting artists, representing nature through art

Jessi Rebel 'Golden Lands'

These emerging artists see nature with a mystical fervour, and you will too.

Winter is traditionally an art-stravaganza in Victoria and Geelong is definitely living up to that reputation this month following regional Victoria’s exit from the recent lockdown’s sweeping the state.

Arriving late last month, ‘Kalimna’ is a must-see exhibition for locals and tourists alike, bringing four of the region’s most exciting artists to the fore in celebration of the natural world.

The key takeaways

  • ‘Kalimna’ arrives at the Hue and Cry Collective Gallery
  • The exhibition showcases the works of four brilliant Geelong creatives
  • It will run until August 21

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Taking to the Hue and Cry Collective Gallery – a community-driven art space, for all artists to gather and create – ‘Kalimna’ is a powerful exhibition offering soulful contemporary works, curated by Jonathan Dredge and featuring works from himself, Chris DeHoog, Jessi Rebel and Mark Trinham.

Creating work across a diversity of mediums and styles – illustration, fine art photography, abstract and Aboriginal contemporary painting – these works are all woven together into a journey about land and spirit. Each has a story to tell about life on earth and offers a rare opportunity to learn about the personalities who discovered them and shaped our understanding of the natural world.

First, there’s Jessi Rebel, a proud Wiradjuri artist, living on Wadawurrung country. One of our region’s most exciting emerging artists, her rich contemporary artworks flow with her connection to Country, the land and the sea. Paining acrylic on canvas and on calico fabric, her work is bold, bright and full of passion and connection to country.  A passionate surfer and youth worker, Jessi is driven by her love of being connected to the land and the ocean; and it shows through her truly stunning creations.

Next we’ve got Mark Trinham who is a multi-disciplinary artist in Torquay, well-known for his sculptural artworks. For Mark though, nature art comes in many forms and sizes, with his work spanning the whole range over 30 years, from graphic design and illustration to sculpture, from painting and music to massive public art projects requiring a high level of production and project management skills. It’s his illustrations though that is the focus here. His passion for conservation and land protection flows into everything he creates, including the stunning illustration series showcased in ‘Kalimna’.

Joining these artists is the talented Chris De Hoog, a graphic designer turned painter from Geelong. Chris took up painting as a way of expressing more artistic freedom, inspired by Geelong and its beautiful surroundings. Creating vibrant paintings, his work explores the natural landscape in an abstract way, using bright, bold colour schemes with moving hues. Happiest in front of a canvas, you can count on Chris to always develop his art further, with a passion for exploring new techniques in his painting and trying new colour combinations. His works in this exhibition showcase nature in the very best way.

 Lastly, the exhibition also includes work from Jonathan Dredge, an award-winning fine art photographer. Based in Newcomb, Jonathan’s photography is a mysterious mix of metal plates, silver nitrate and other chemicals, revealing details and textures beyond the spectrum of natural light. Taking on this archaic form of photography, learned from an expert in Melbourne, his soulful artworks explore themes of land and spirit connection, inspired by the natural world. His work, shot in a studio, reveals sea dragons, moths and even bushes in stunning detail.

In ‘Kalimna’, which is named after a waterfall hidden deep in the Otways and the indigenous word for beautiful, brilliantly bring together totally different mediums all with the same connection, resulting in a truly stunning display of local art and the beauty of nature.

Well worth a look, the exhibition runs until August 21 at the Hue and Cry Gallery (64-66 Ryrie St Geelong). For more information, visit the website.