Jess Locke announces Victorian tour to celebrate the release of Real Life

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Jess Locke announces Victorian tour to celebrate the release of Real Life

Words by Staff Writer

Australian singer-songwriter Jess Locke is inviting listeners on a journey through introspection with her latest album, Real Life, released today.

Alongside this release comes the focus track ‘Everybody’s Going To The Same Place’, a juxtaposition of carefree melodies with dark, contemplative lyrics that reflect on mortality.

Locke’s forthcoming in-store performance at Rocksteady Records marks the beginning of a regional Melbourne tour in July/August, promising fans an intimate experience with her poetic musings.

Jess Locke Victorian Tour 2024

  • 4 May – Rocksteady Records, Melbourne (free entry)
  • 20 July – Worker’s Club, Melbourne
  • 17 Aug –Tanswells, Beechworth
  • 18 Aug – Major Toms, Kyneton

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In ‘Everybody’s Going To The Same Place’, Locke confronts the inevitability of death with poignant honesty. “This song is sort of about death. When I sing ‘everybody’s going to the same place’ I mean we’re all going to die.

“I don’t say that to be a bummer, but to emphasize the commonality we all share. We’re just these weird animals and we aren’t going to be here for very long, so let’s just enjoy the moments we can and be good to each other.” A prevalent feeling in the community of the world right now.”

This sentiment resonates deeply in today’s world, where existential ponderings often mingle with the rhythm of everyday life.

Real Life delves further into themes of impermanence and alienation, as Locke grapples with the surreal nature of existence. Through introspective lyricism, she navigates through despair and darkness, ultimately finding moments of revelation and liberation. Locke’s journey of self-discovery echoes the collective human experience, urging listeners to embrace the present moment as the only reality.

The album showcases a range of sonic textures, from the fuzzed-out irony of ‘Rocket To Ride’ to the transcendent beauty of ‘The Place’ and the punchy energy of Uncomfortably Happy. With previous acclaim for her 2021 release, Don’t Ask Yourself Why, Locke continues to captivate audiences with her emotive storytelling and raw vulnerability.

Beyond the studio, Locke’s live performances are a testament to her stage prowess, having graced unconventional venues from backyards to cemeteries. Her eclectic resume includes supporting renowned artists like Paul Dempsey and Julia Jacklin, as well as appearances at major festivals such as Bigsound and Falls.

As Jess Locke invites listeners into her world of introspection and revelation, Real Life serves as a poignant reminder to embrace the fleeting moments of existence and find solace in the beauty of the present.

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