The Lemon Twigs maintain their timeless quality on sixth album, A Dream Is All We Know

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The Lemon Twigs maintain their timeless quality on sixth album, A Dream Is All We Know

Image Credit: Stephanie Pia
Words by Alex Callan

If someone were to show me The Lemon Twigs, they could tell me they were from any decade and I’d believe it. 

Their sixth album, A Dream Is All We Know, maintains a timeless quality that spans a multitude of genres, styles and eras, showcasing nonchalant, easy-listening indie-pop soundscapes that feel equal parts reminiscent of the past and while also offering up something completely new. 

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From Beach Boys inspired vocal harmonies (‘My Golden Years’), to Western-infused folk-rock melodies (‘If You And I Are Not Wise’), to 1940’s barbershop quartet subtleties (‘In The Eyes Of The Girl’), A Dream Is All We Know lends its sound from a handful of influences, while also adding in unique, forward-thinking facets of modern day psych-pop. 

Throughout the release, the D’Addario brothers incredibly high level of musicianship is well and truly on display, showcasing the American brothers, songwriters and multi-instrumentalists in all their baroque-pop wonder as they chop and change between brass and orchestral instruments, keyboards, and an array of guitars (including acoustic, electric and 12-string).

Yet, it never feels contrived or forced, with A Dream Is All We Know maintaining the easy-going, naturalistic baroque-pop wonder that the duo have always been known for. 

Sure, at times it may give Oasis a run for their money in the ‘who can sound the most like The Beatles’ competition, but it’s a release that’ll undoubtedly appease listeners of all ages.

A Dream Is We All Know by The Lemon Twigs is out today via Captured Tracks. Listen here. Keep up to date with all of the latest news from The Lemon Twigs here.