Northlane’s ‘Mirror’s Edge’ is a raw and resilient return to form

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Northlane’s ‘Mirror’s Edge’ is a raw and resilient return to form

Words by Alex Callan

Featuring guest appearances from Winston McCall (Parkway Drive), Ian Kenny (Karnivool) and Brendon Padjasek (ex-Northlane), the EP is due out on April 12.

While it marked their most commercially successful release, 2022’s Obsidian nearly brought Northlane to the brink of collapse. Tensions surged, communication completely broke down, and it seemed like the longtime frontrunners of Aus djent metal were all set to self-implode at any moment. 

Enter Mirror’s Edge, an EP that is somewhat of a miracle for the group, who seem to have re-found themselves and their appreciation for music through this release

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Mirror’s Edge is a raw and unflinching body of work that brings the group back to basics. Sure, with the level of technicality that Northlane showcase on each release, their sound will never be described as ‘basic’ by definition. Yet there’s just something so perfectly rough and unfinished about this EP that feels so much like a group in its infancy during the Myspace era. 

‘Afterimage’ packs equal parts grunt and groove through its jagged riffs and sludgy basstones, ‘Miasma’ utilises off-kilter vocal cadences, drilling chugs and a powerhouse guest spot from Winston McCall, while ‘Let Me Disappear’ ties in tech-heavy synth breakdowns reminiscent of ‘HTML Rulez d00d’ era of The Devil Wears Prada.

For the first time in years, Northlane isn’t trying to fit a mould. They’re doing what works for them, and as a result, they’ve rediscovered the authenticity and individualism that their earlier material was heralded for.

Mirror’s Edge promises to translate in their live sets and evoke nostalgia for their earlier, intimate club shows. 

Northlane’s EP is out on April 12.