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This isn’t exactly “what if James Bond had a soccer hooligan brother” (that’d be Kingsman), but when Nobby (Sasha Baron Cohen), Grimsby resident and massive soccer fan, finally tracks down his long-lost brother Sebastian (Mark Strong) only to find he’s a posh, gadget-heavy secret agent, you’d be forgiven for expecting a bunch of spy antics with some broad comedy mixed in. And you’d be right… except that when Sasha Baron Cohen is involved, “broad” is an understatement.

So while the plot is nothing special – Sebastian is forced to go on the run and take down the head of an international terrorist organisation to clear his name, while Nobby tags along scoring heroin, telling everyone his brother’s a spy, and talking up the benefits of family (his kids are named Skeletor, Django Unchained, and Gangam Style, to name three) – there are a couple of scenes here that are more than a little difficult to watch. Suffice to say that genital humour plays a big (in one case, very big) part here: if you’re not a fan of bodily fluids then this may not be for you. Which would be a shame: gross and childish it might be, but very funny it most definitely is.

Reviewed by Anthony Morris