Five of the best new podcasts to keep you entertained on the daily commute

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Five of the best new podcasts to keep you entertained on the daily commute

Zoe Marshall

These picks will get you through a long walk, a short commute or anything in between. All you need to do is press play.

Bless the creation of podcasts. They can turn any dull moment into an enjoyable one – from washing dishes and making the beds, to working from home and driving to the office.

While there a tons of great podcasts to choose from, with topics ranging from true crime and politics to comedy and inspirational stories, it can be hard to find your next best listen. Before you go searching into eternity, here are five new and noteworthy podcasts worth checking out.

The Deep

From terminal parents to sex workers, extremists and drug addicts, The Deep is a place for thought-provoking conversations that help us explore who we are, when no one is looking. Cracked wide open by her past trauma, grief and abuse, affable media personality and host Zoe Marshall holds the space for others to share their fascinating stories and perspectives through these deep conversations.

Zoe Marshall, host of The Deep, said: “Since I can remember, people feel very comfortable sharing their secrets with me, those things they’ve never told a soul. It’s a privilege hearing these stories and it’s important to me that this trust extends to how the podcast is distributed and represented.”

Last Drinks

Last Drinks is a new conversation about how to live an awesome life without alcohol, hosted by legendary radio personality Maz Compton, who has been sober since 2015.

Living her life out loud, from MTV to the dizzying heights of a national radio show, her life on paper was on point, but her relationship with alcohol was way out of whack. Maz had her last drink on NYE 2014 and wants to share the joy and empowerment sobriety can bring each person by having honest conversations about how to navigate an awesome life without alcohol.

As host of Last Drinks, Maz hopes to re-frame the cultural norm of alcohol in our society, explore sobriety and sober curiosity through the lens of honest, engaging conversations and empower people to redefine their relationship with alcohol.

Maz Compton, host of Last Drinks, said: “Australians have complex emotions around booze. Why do we get offended if our mate passes up having a drink with us? I want to empower people to redefine their relationship with alcohol by sharing my sobriety story as well as talking to others about how they have navigated life without alcohol.”

The Big Mouth

This one is for any original Big Brother fans here?

Australians (me included!) fell in love with Tim Dormer when he shot to fame on Big Brother back in 2013. With his wild blonde hair, quick wit, bold personality, bromance with Anthony Drew and truly sensational strategic gameplay, the larger-than-life BB icon won the hearts of viewers across the nation, so much so he took out the big prize that year.

Returning to Big Brother this year, and delivering some seriously hilarious entertainment with his love for stirring up drama, Tim came right make into the spotlight (while also making us hella nostalgic for the old BB format).

Now Tim Dormer explores life after reality TV in his new podcast: Unfiltered, raw and real! If you feel like a misfit in a world full of pretenders, then Tim wants to be your friend!

The Magic Drop

The Magic Drop is a podcast created and hosted by Isabelle Cornish (particularly in Puberty Blues and Home and Away).

Isabelle is an Australian Actor, Author, Health Coach, Yoga Teacher and Personal trainer. Her mission is to help others to create the epic life they desire by dropping conscious content into the lives of a community worldwide.

The Magic Drop is real and raw and takes a dive into various health and wellness topics to educate and inspire.

The Self-Love Club

The Self-Love Club is a podcast dedicated to chatting about stuff that matters, exploring issues including self-love and self-care, as well as pop culture and books.

Created by Bel Crawford, episodes explore mental health, anxiety, therapy, relationships, break-ups and careers. The podcast also features influential female guests who share their stories, self-love and self-care tips, as well as career advice.

If none of these take your fancy, you can explore heaps more here