Calling All Creatives: The Gordon is your gateway to creative careers in Visual Arts and Graphic Design

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Calling All Creatives: The Gordon is your gateway to creative careers in Visual Arts and Graphic Design

Explore your creative side with The Gordon.

For all the creative minds out there, The Gordon boasts a well-established track record in delivering outstanding visual arts and graphic design programs, paving the way for a flourishing career. 

With a genuine dedication to each student, both the Certificate IV in Visual Arts and the Diploma of Graphic Design, spanning over 12 months, challenge students to unearth their inner creativity and bring it to the forefront. Whether you aspire to enter the industry, venture into freelancing, or simply enhance your art and design skills, The Gordon provides an ideal learning environment.

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The pace, duration, and comprehensive support from The Gordon enrich your learning journey. Their teachers, who are highly skilled and genuinely creative, bring a wealth of experience to guide you. You’re bound to expand, refine, and flourish in your creative abilities.

José Rodríguez, arts and design teacher, highlights, “The Gordon Visual Arts program serves as an exceptional foundation and exploration platform. Students acquire essential skills in general drawing, printmaking, sculpture, and jewellery creation. They’re then introduced to the expansive art world and its diverse career prospects. Typically, budding artists start by working independently, so genuine, hands-on experience is what our students require, and it’s precisely what they receive in class.”

At the program’s culmination, students showcase their final artworks at the year-end art exhibition, a platform to share their creations with family, friends, and the wider public. José further emphasises, “Not only do the students curate the exhibition, they also oversee the event—a fantastic opportunity to develop a different set of skills.”

For those with a penchant for design, The Gordon’s Graphic Design course is the the premier program in Geelong. “Studying locally offers tremendous cost-saving benefits! So, if you’re keen on launching a career working with brands and mastering the art of producing creative and relevant design works, spanning commercial printing to digital media, compile your portfolio and apply today.

Opting for TAFE is a smart choice. At The Gordon, there’s no need for an ATAR, and a Year 12 pass isn’t a prerequisite. You can apply directly and at any time. Courses commence in February, but early application is encouraged. If you’d like to delve deeper into our visual art, graphic design or any other course offerings at The Gordon, attend an information session at The Gordon City Campus. Check the website for further details.

For those inclined towards further studies, the Diploma of Graphic Design opens the door to university. Gordon courses are condensed in duration and come with lower fees, allowing you to embark on your dream career sooner or pursue higher education without incurring hefty HECS debts.


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José Rodriguez affirms, “We can instruct students in the core principles of design, train them in creative software applications, and expose them to real client briefs. However, at the end of the day, there’s no substitute for the real-world experience.” He continues, “Graphic Design is a fiercely competitive industry, and our aim is to provide our students with the strongest competitive edge possible.”

The Gordon continues to nurture and empower hundreds of students in their creative pursuits. From floristry to commercial cookery to visual arts and graphic design, the skills and experiences gained at The Gordon can serve as a springboard for future careers and an avenue to explore one’s resourcefulness.

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This article was made in partnership with The Gordon