Iconic Mushroom Group memorabilia takes centre stage at Australian Music Vault

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Iconic Mushroom Group memorabilia takes centre stage at Australian Music Vault

Credit: Jason Lau
Words by Staff Writer

The new display of rare memorabilia and one-of-a-kind Mushroom pieces is celebrating the Mushroom Group’s fifty-year history.

Music lovers, prepare to embark on a visual journey through five decades of iconic Australian music history as the Australian Music Vault proudly presents a special display commemorating the illustrious fifty-year history of the Mushroom Group.

This display is a part of a grand year of celebrations marking the golden jubilee of Australia’s most legendary music company. From chart-toppers like Kylie to global sensations like Ed Sheeran, and from Frank Sinatra to Skyhooks, this exhibit is a treasure trove of memorabilia that includes rock posters, gold records, reel-to-reel tapes, rare promotional records, and an assortment of other captivating objects borrowed from the Mushroom Group Archives.

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Mushroom Group’s Chief Executive, Matt Gudinski, expressed his delight, saying, “We wanted this Australian Music Vault exhibition to tell the story of not only the Mushroom journey, but the incredible artists and people behind the scenes, who played a huge role in growing the Australian music industry to the thriving powerhouse it is today.”

Among the fascinating items on display, you’ll find a LEGO model commemorating 1 million ticket sales for Ed Sheeran’s ÷ tour in 2018, a Sherrin football signed by The Killers, and the 1988 reel-to-reel tape for Kylie Minogue’s album ‘Kylie.’ These artifacts serve as testaments to the extraordinary impact that the Mushroom Group has had on both the Australian and global music scenes.

Credit: Jason Lau

The exhibit also offers a glimpse into Mushroom’s early days, featuring the first-ever poster produced by the company, a booking book from the ’70s compiled by Michael Gudinski himself, and an invitation to the launch of Mushroom Records at East Richmond’s Leonda Restaurant in 1973.

For those nostalgic for the heady days of the 1980s, the exhibit boasts items such as the 1989 tour itinerary for Frank Sinatra, Liza Minnelli, and Sammy Davis Jr, along with the double platinum plaque for Jimmy Barnes’ album ‘For The Working Class Man.’

The ’90s and 2000s are well-represented with items like the promotional single for ‘Took The Children Away’ by Archie Roach and a slew of Platinum and Gold Records for bands including Hunters & Collectors, Bliss n Eso, and Temper Trap.

Carolyn Laffan, Senior Curator at the Australian Music Vault, remarked, “Over the past 50 years, Mushroom has helped shape Australian music tastes by introducing fans to the work of great local artists as well as providing them with opportunities to see incredible international acts. The Australian Music Vault is delighted to be able to share some of the stories and highlights that mark this remarkable musical journey, drawing on material from the Mushroom Group Archives.”

But that’s not all for music enthusiasts. In addition to the captivating display, visitors can immerse themselves in “Mushroom: 50 Years of Making Noise,” an audio-visual immersive experience currently on display in the Australian Music Vault’s 360-degree experiential room, The Amplifier.

The Mushroom Group, celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, stands as Australia’s largest independent music and entertainment company. Throughout its five-decade history, it has been instrumental in nurturing and supporting local and international artists across various facets of the music industry.

So, music lovers, don’t miss the opportunity to witness this extraordinary showcase of Mushroom Group’s legacy, shaping the past, present, and future of Australian music.

Admission to the Australian Music Vault is free, and you can find more information at australianmusicvault.com.au.