Brunetti Classico has opened an indulgent Easter pop-up store at Lygon Court

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Brunetti Classico has opened an indulgent Easter pop-up store at Lygon Court

Words by Staff Writer

In a delightful nod to tradition and innovation, Brunetti Classico has introduced a novel Easter experience in the heart of Carlton.

Nestled within the charming precincts of Lygon Court, this esteemed Italian emporium has opened an Easter pop-up store that promises to be a treasure trove of festive delights.

The seasonal outpost, now open, features the entirety of Brunetti Classico’s Easter collection, tempting patrons with an array of artisanal treats. Among the anticipated offerings are the freshly baked Nutella and Chocolate Hot Cross Buns, alongside Surprise Eggs and dainty Small Chocolate Easter Bunnies, each crafted with the meticulous care and quality that Brunetti Classico is renowned for.

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In an exciting first, Fabio Angele, a spokesperson for Brunetti Classico, unveiled the debut of the Calimero, a signature Easter confection inspired by the cherished 1960s Italian cartoon character. This endearing creation combines milk and white chocolate, promising to be a delightful addition to the Easter festivities. Angele expressed his anticipation for the Calimero to become a nostalgic favourite, embodying the joy and tradition of Easter.

“This adorable Easter treat is a delicious blend of milk and white chocolate and pays to homage to the beloved 1960s Italian duck cartoon character, Calimero,” revealed Fabio. “I’m sure it will capture everyone’s heart and taste buds, and will become a nostalgic Easter favourite,” said Fabio, who says Easter is one of his favourite times of year.


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Easter, for Angele and many like him, is a time steeped in family tradition and culinary heritage. He fondly recounted the Easter celebrations of his youth, highlighted by his father’s acclaimed Pastiera, a Neapolitan tart that encapsulates the essence of the holiday. This cherished recipe, a symphony of wheatberry, ricotta, orange blossom water, cinnamon, and candied fruits encased in shortbread, will also grace the shelves of Brunetti Classico’s Pasticceria in Carlton and its Moonee Ponds store, allowing a broader audience to partake in the Angele family’s Easter traditions.

While the Easter range will be accessible across Brunetti Classico’s various locations, including its airport outlets and stores in Drummond Street and Moonee Ponds, the Lygon Court pop-up will offer an unparalleled selection. This initiative not only underscores Brunetti Classico’s commitment to celebrating Italian culinary traditions but also its dedication to creating memorable experiences for its patrons.

Brunetti Classico, with its storied inception in 1985 as a quintessential Italian Pasticceria in Carlton, has evolved into an emblem of Melbourne’s cafe culture. Renowned for its bespoke coffee blend, meticulously crafted by Griffiths Bros. Coffee Roasters, and an array of traditional cakes, gelati, and savoury offerings, Brunetti Classico invites patrons of all ages to indulge in the authentic Italian caffè and pasticceria experience.

The Easter pop-up store, located at Shop 3, Lygon Court, 333 Drummond St, Carlton, VIC, is the latest chapter in Brunetti Classico’s enduring legacy of culinary excellence and festive celebration. Find out more here