Beloved Geelong cafe Blank Space is giving away free coffee tomorrow morning

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Beloved Geelong cafe Blank Space is giving away free coffee tomorrow morning

A latte to go, please?

Blank Space Newtown has become a favourite of ours ever since opening their doors three years ago on Geelongโ€™s centre of cosmopolitan lifestyle and multiculturalism, AKA Pakington Street. Providing flavoursome and fresh dishes and exceptionally brewed coffee, supporting local suppliers, and featuring many sweet, savoury, gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options, itโ€™ll be hard not to find multiple things that tickle your fancy in this New York-inspired cafe.

Now the cafe are dishing up the best start to your day on Tuesday (February 7) with free coffee!

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That’s right, your Tuesday morning coffee is sorted and paid for to celebrate the arrival of Industry Beans Fitzroy Street signature blend coffee.

“We are super excited to be now serving up Industry beans Fitzroy Street signature blend here at Blankspace,” the cafe shared.

“And to celebrate with Industry Beans we are giving away free coffee for everyone this Tuesday morning. See you here.”

The chosen blend, Fitzroy Street, is the original signature espresso blend of Industry Beans, served in their Fitzroy, Chadstone and York St. Sydney cafes. Itโ€™s the beating heart of Industry Beansโ€™ coffee program and a piece of history that they’ve continued to evolve over time into a modern, crowd-pleasing blend.

Their #1 best-selling blend, Fitzroy Street is equally delicious black and with milk, with its bright acidity, dark fruit notes and smooth finish making it a versatile blend fit for any purpose. Pair that with the incredble barista skills from the crew at Blank Space and we’d almost say you’ve found yourself the perfect coffee in Geelong.

But don’t just take our word for it.

Swing by Blank Space Cafe at 4/343 Pakington Street, Newtown and grab a take-away coffee or sit in and stay a while.ย