Allira Eats #673

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Allira Eats #673

OLA readers!

Let’s chat all things juice cleansing.

Recently Juice Syndicate contacted me and asked if I wanted to partake in a juice cleanse. Me being a yes person I took the offer on board! Three days of cleansing, eliminate some nasty toxins and get my health back in order, the thought of it sounded good. I’ll come back to how I went on the cleanse once we chat about the duo behind Juice syndicate.

Johnny Bourke and Darren Clark are the owners behind the local Geelong business and have only recently taken over the business (originally this was under a different owner and under the name of Revitalive Juice). The juice range is packed with lots of delicious flavours and they also have a specific vegan range, which I opted to do as the creamy based drinks were based with whey protein which contains dairy.

The duo are bursting out the seams with amazing ideas and will be teaming up with a well-known dietitian to offer general and custom diets to clients who would prefer to use the juices in conjunction with a diet.

Johnny recently went to America and cross-collaborated with another juice company to swap trade secrets and recipes, which will be working within their favour as they hope to bring some Australian firsts back onshore.

You can find the juices at some fitness outlets, cafes and you may see them popping up around Melbourne as they hope to break into the growing market in the big smoke.

So let’s chat the cleanse now!
I got a three day Vegan cleanse with vibrant, healthy and flavoursome juices.

Day one started with a bang. I knew going into it that I would want to have at least one healthy meal and not completely do a cleanse as it wasn’t viable for my body. That’s the plus with a juice cleanse – you never have to follow a piece of paper. Listen to your body. If you are hungry, don’t be afraid to have something light that will help assist in the elimination of toxins.

Day two started off good, but then the coffee cravings hit me like a tonne of bricks and next minute I’m down at my fave local café sipping on coffee!

And finally day three… no comment!

So maybe I’m not the best representation of how a juice cleanse should go, but seriously these juices were some of the most delicious that I’ve had – I was just crap at following the plan!

The boys have let me know some details on why you should do a juice cleanse which I’ll drop below:

– Often feel tired
– Sleep poorly
– Feel bloated
– Have aches and pains
– Have trouble keeping weight off
– Have trouble losing weight even when exercising
– Not eat enough vegetables and fruits?

If you are feeling any of the above, I would recommend getting in contact with these guys to organise your next juice cleanse. Follow them at @juicesyndicate

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