A huge tribute to Fleetwood Mac, featuring some of Australia’s finest musicians, is heading to Northcote

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A huge tribute to Fleetwood Mac, featuring some of Australia’s finest musicians, is heading to Northcote


Bringing together four exceptional Australian artists, Yesterday's Gone is set to celebrate the timeless legacy of one of the world's most beloved bands, Fleetwood Mac.

Get transported back in time to the heyday of Fleetwood Mac as Yesterday’s Gone makes its way to Melbourne on October 20 at Northcote Theatre. Paying homage to Fleetwood Mac’s enduring legacy, Lisa Mitchell, Kav Temperley (of Eskimo Joe fame), Charlie Collins, and Karen Lee Andrews are all acclaimed stars in their own right.

Yesterday’s Gone

  • September 22 – Night at The Barracks, North Head, Sydney
  • October 20 – Northcote Theatre, Melbourne
  • Featuring Charlie Collins, Karen Lee Andrews, Kav Temperley and Lisa Mitchell

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Fleetwood Mac’s music has stood the test of time, and their career spanning over 50 years is a testament to their enduring influence on multiple generations, with their timeless songs remaining ever-present in the hearts of music enthusiasts. 

Nominated for an ARIA Award for her 2019 solo debut album Snowpine, Charlie Collins joins the supergroup formed for Yesterday’s Gone. Playing alongside Karen Lee Andrews, whose latest release Edin explores the depths of blues, they will bring the timeless songs of Fleetwood Mac to Northcote Theatre.

Also joining the lineup for the evening is Eskimo Joe’s own Kav Temperley, who burst into the scene at a mere 19 years old when he founded the band. Their soaring success includes an impressive four times platinum status, eight ARIA awards, and fifteen WAMI Awards, solidifying their place as one of Australia’s most treasured acts.

Australian songstress Lisa Mitchell brings her beguiling melodies and hushed tones to Yesterday’s Gone, effortlessly transitioning between crystal pure folk and subtle electro beats. Bursting into the scene while in school, she released two accomplished folk EPs at ages 17 and 18.

From the hauntingly beautiful Landslide to the anthemic Don’t Stop and the mesmerising Rhiannon, the show will feature a stellar lineup of Fleetwood Mac’s incredible discography.

Tickets are available now, grab them by heading here.