Western Edge Youth Arts: Six Hours

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Western Edge Youth Arts: Six Hours

Last year I was fortunate enough to be invited to GPAC for the evening performance of 6 Hours in Geelong. After a sold-out matinee performance, a near packed theatre was ready to see what these performers from a variety of ethnic backgrounds had been working on with the Western Edge Youth Arts (WEYA) team.
For those of you who don’t know, WEYA is a youth theatre organisation working with young people from culturally diverse and disadvantaged backgrounds to create rich and original theatre. It gives these emerging artist’s skills for life, and has done many a good thing for many a good person.
6 Hours in Geelong is a fast-paced and thought-provoking story connecting the paths of various young individuals. This performance showcased a broad range of topics, some of which I would not have thought of so much in the past – and that is the struggle of fitting into the Aussie way of life. A considerably thought-inducing performance that challenges you to view society from various perspectives.
Under the direction of Dr Dave Kelman, all involved are to be commended for their work and performance under everyone’s watchful eyes. A standing ovation at the completion of the performance was well-deserved, and some question time after the performance was a nice touch.
Where: Drama Theatre, GPAC
When: October 27, 2017
Reviewed by Glenn Lynch