Adam Devine: A very, very specific kind of weird

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Adam Devine: A very, very specific kind of weird

Known for films like Pitch perfect, Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates and the smash hit comedy TV series Workaholics, Adam Devine has quickly developed a reputation for being a front runner in the new wave of comedians.
Bringing his high (in more ways than one) energy brand of comedy to the stage, Devine’s approach to stand-up comedy is completely organic. Weaving his real life stories from growing up, life in comedy and time spent in show business into his set, he creates a comedic blend that blurs the lines between reality and absurdity. At one point he left the audience in complete hysterics, as he claimed that he was so high at his audition for Pitch Perfect that he “thought it was a baseball movie”.
Devine has a very likeable nature that is only reinforced by jokes he makes at his own expense. Somewhat a trademark of his, this led him to win over the crowd within a minute of him being on stage. Those familiar with Workaholics were treated to exactly the type of comedy they’d be hoping for, as he had a heavy hand in the production of the show. However fans of Pitch Perfect would have been in for a pleasant surprise, as Adam Devine’s stand-up comedy was quite outrageous and would have showed them a different side of the comedian.
Adam will return to the screen via Netflix on March 23, pairing up with his Workaholics co-stars Anders Holm and Blake Anderson for their action comedy film Game Over, Man!
When: Thursday February 1, 2018
Where: Athenaeum Theatre, Melbourne
Reviewed by Josh Dowling