‘We don’t want to rely on luck’: Wanderer Festival moves to biennial event

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‘We don’t want to rely on luck’: Wanderer Festival moves to biennial event

Words by Staff Writer

Wanderer Festival has announced its shift to a biennial schedule, meaning it'll be coming together every two years instead of annually.

In a strategic move aimed at ensuring the sustainability and longevity of Wanderer Festival, Pambula Beach’s boutique music and arts experience, organisers have announced a shift to a biennial schedule. The festival will return to the coast from 3-5 October 2025.

Founder and industry powerhouse Simon Daly explained that the decision was driven by the need for more time to plan and execute the event effectively.

“We have created something very special and really important for the NSW Far South Coast and there’s a great sense of responsibility that comes with that. We have to make sure we are always taking the best pathways to keep producing the most amazing and sustainable event possible,” he explains.

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“An event of this scale really needs more than 12 months lead time to prepare. We’ve been incredibly lucky with the quality of artists so far but we don’t want to rely on luck – a longer lead time opens up so many more options, particularly in terms of international artists who plan their touring schedules 1-2 years in advance.

“Events are all-consuming for everyone involved and moving to a biennial format feels more sustainable. An event every two years gives everyone a breather and more time to plan. It also gives our audience a chance to do other things every second year.”


Wanderer Festival, which made its debut in 2022 and saw significant success in subsequent years, has become a cornerstone event for the NSW Far South Coast. Recognised for its commitment to social, cultural, and environmental values, Wanderer attracts thousands of attendees from across Australia.

While the announcement of a ‘gap year’ may disappoint some fans, the festival reassured attendees that the extended hiatus will be put to good use. “We will miss you all this year but we will put the extra prep time to good use and are already busy working on bringing you the best ever Wanderer Festival next year. We promise it will be worth the wait!”

Already booked your trip? Don’t cancel those plans just yet. Embrace the spirit of Wanderer and take the opportunity to explore the wonders of the Sapphire Coast. From whale watching to mountain biking at the Gravity Eden Mountain Bike Park, there’s no shortage of adventures waiting to be had.

As Wanderer Festival prepares for its next chapter, fans are urged to stay tuned for updates and announcements regarding the 2025 event here.