Unleash your creativity with bottomless boozy art classes at Geelong’s funky art studio Brush & Bubbles

Unleash your creativity with bottomless boozy art classes at Geelong’s funky art studio Brush & Bubbles

Sip some bubbly as you paint your heart out this weekend.

Geelong’s loved art space Brush & Bubbles has carved itself a strong reputation in the region as a unique creative space for the makers, movers and shakers out there, providing booze-sipping wannabe Picassos, candle makers, and more with all the materials and simple instruction they’ll need to create display-worthy creations they never thought possible.

From ‘paint your mate’ and Frida Kahlo painting sessions, to resin cheeseboard workshops, soy candle making and handing building ceramics, this studio is all about becoming immersed in something creative, purposeful, messy and imaginative. And the best part? This venue has its very own bar for you to paint and drink along the way, as well as a cheeky little snack menu to keep those hunger levels at bay.

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Knowing we all love a boozy art class, this weekend the studio is levelling up and hosting a BOTTOMLESS boozy art class, providing the perfect excuse to leave the house this weekend.

Offering booze-sipping wannabe Picassos a creative night out, the theme will be ‘Paint Your Mate – Picasso Style’, where you can experiment using Picasso cubism style facial features to paint your mate (or date)’s portrait.

Those feeling a little stiff painting in front of others can loosen up with a drink or two or three thanks to the bottomless Mimosa, Pimms, Aperol and Prosecco for that comes with the ticket. You’ll be able to indulge for two hours.

Whether you’re in search of some much-needed hair of the dog, looking to celebrate a milestone or just want to let the drinks flow, then this class is for you! Bring your pals and learn how to ‘Paint Your Mate’ Picasso style all whilst sipping on some free-flowing cocktails and bubbles.

This one takes place Saturday, June 18 at 12:30pm at Brush & Bubbles in Geelong. You can book here.