Covideo Twenty21 is Geelong’s newest short film festival with a twist 

Covideo Twenty21 is Geelong’s newest short film festival with a twist 

The End of Myself. Photo by Josiah Mioni

Covideo Twenty21 Short Film Festival takes a look back at the pandemic of these past two years.

Arriving in Geelong this July, Covideo Twenty21 is a new short film festival reflecting on the last two years of the global pandemic.

The films to be screened will look back at the years 2020 and 2021, as the two most awful years in living memory. Celebrating resilience, creativity and strength through adversity, the evening is all about looking at how far we’ve all come through an inspiring evening of films, laughs and tears about covid.

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An initiative of the Forum on Australia’s Islamic Relations (FAIR), the short film festival was created upon the desire to further build a strong, cohesive multicultural society, and create a cathartic experience for the community and provide an opportunity to reflect on the pandemic and to share the stories and the emotions together.

Kuranda Seyit, filmmaker and festival director said, “I was playing around with the word covid and thought why not a short film festival about the pandemic and call it Covid-eo?  And that is literally how it was born.”

“I think we are all ready to kiss covid goodbye, and I am hoping that this event will be symbolic for many of us and it will be a cathartic experience as well, as we look back at the last two years of our life that we lost to covid.”

The festival will be held in the colourful and beautiful city of Geelong, at the Dome above Geelong Regional Library in the heart of the art precinct on Saturday, July 2 2022 from 7pm.  The film festival is not only about collective healing but also about supporting and empowering emerging local artists.

One of those artists, is young Filmmaker Josiah Saxby, who made a haunting film about mental health during the lockdown titled, The End of Myself.  

He says, “Lockdown left everyone feeling like they were doing life entirely on their own, so I made this film to make the audience feel less alone.  I wanted to make a film that was honest about the mental health toll of Covid and unite everyone – in our collective struggle.”


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The night will feature many more fantastic short films, guest speakers, performers and comedians and a panel of industry judges.  

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