Tyrannamen: Self-titled

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Tyrannamen: Self-titled

Some reckon punk makes your ears bleed, fearing a spray of blood and spit across the dancefloor. Others yawn, claiming it’s a bit ‘last millennium’. But in Melbourne’s enduring pub scene, it’s still fresh and frenetic fun.

With significant live playing history and rootsy R&R hearts, Tyrannamen strip it down to bare bones and play their guts out. Eight songs combine angst-y lyrics with infectious hooks and garage rhythms. Three live tracks capture the neck-jerking energy they specialise in. There’s no muckin’ around with tunes like ‘I Can’t Read Your Mind’ that surge and bounce, roughly in Ramones territory. Uber-urban hymn ‘My Concrete’ recalls early Sports. Rock-meets-punk in classic measure on ‘Ice Age’, reminiscent of Costello with The Attractions.

Consummate frontman Nic Imfeld has featured among numerous fringe-dwelling line-ups. Likewise his bandmates: guitarists Angus Lord and Cal Walker (of Van and Cal fame), bassist Alex Macfarlane and drummer¬† Chris Gray who can belt or swing as required. Blokey backing vocals add natural grunge. Meanwhile, there’s the kind of subtle ‘jangle’ you might detect in Hoodoo Gurus or Foo Fighters anthems. Might they shun such comparisons? I reckon Tyrannamen wouldn’t really give a rat’s. For audiences who’d also rather not overthink it.

Cool Death Records
Reviewed by Chris Lambie