Star Amy Acker’s Supanova Visit

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Star Amy Acker’s Supanova Visit

American actress and self-professed “shy girl” Amy Acker will be making a whistle stop trip to Australia in April for the Melbourne leg of the Supanova Pop Culture Convention, joined by a host of big name television and film stars. The Supanova convention, hosted in six capital cities across Australia until November, will see Acker return to Australia for the first time since her husband and fellow actor James Carpinello popped the big question on a Gold Coast beach many years ago. And will give Acker another chance to spend time with some hard core fans of her work in Person Of Interest, Angel, Suits and Alias.

“I really can’t think of anything better. It’s nice people saying nice things to you,” she says.

Supanova does have the ability as a conference of attracting the ultra-hard-core fan types, but for Acker it’s never gotten to a point of being unnerving.

“Not negative. I’ve met intense fans before – they quote things from work I have done. It’s nice to make an impact on someone. It’s exciting [and] I have been very lucky. Most of the shows I have done have all had a strong fan base.”

Acker grew up as a dancer but an injury became fortuitous when it released her to look elsewhere for a creative outlet. That outlet became acting.

“I did ballet and dancing and had knee surgery that stopped me dancing for about nine weeks. Growing up I had been really shy. I took theatre class and had a wonderful theatre teacher. She wasn’t afraid to try different things, and push us as performers. As I say I am very shy so it is always nice to have a different character to play than myself.”

Having worked on top American television shows like Alias and Person Of Interest, this year Acker has decided on a slightly different approach to her acting.

“Apart from a movie in May in Texas, I decided to take this year to be a little picky. And to make sure I do something that I am really excited about – I’ve turned down a couple of opportunities. Most of the time as an actor you are just happy to be doing any work,” she says.

With a partner that is also an actor, and two children to care for, Acker says her work / life balance is “fortunate”, and she is “lucky” to be able to share responsibilities at home.

Acker is currently starring as Root in Person Of Interest, and continues to guest star in roles in shows like Con Man and Suits. Attending Supanova in Australia will be Acker’s second time around, and will be with fellow stars like Adrianne Palicki, Burn Gorman, Bonnie Wright (from the Harry Potter franchise) and Richard Harmon from SHIELD.

Supanova heads to Melbourne from April 16-17 at the Melbourne Showgrounds. It’s sure to be an event not to be missed by the fans or just-curious too.

Written by Chris Michaels

When & Where: Melbourne Showgrounds – April 16-17