Driven Fear: Freethinker

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Driven Fear: Freethinker

It’s manic, slow-building, unnerving and everything you’d imagine from a Driven Fear release. Guitar riffs are ever present, weaving in and out of the vocals, making it just what you’d hope from the hardcover/punk genre the band have pieced together.

This release will see you drawn in through the precisely timed instrumentals and have you hanging along to every word screamed out from the speakers. It’s anarchy at its cross-genred best. ‘Crisis’ is a highlight, and those first 25 of the intro could easily be listened to over and over again. ‘Dancing with Daffodils’ (excuse the corny name), ‘Built to Fire’ and ‘Hold On You’ are also highlights on the release. If there’s one criticism it’s that this isn’t the kind of thing you could listen to day-in, day-out regardless of your mood. It’s the sort of release for fans of the genre or for those who may be wanting to express their emotions. Overall, it’s nice to see a little bit of punk representation thrown into the mix, and it may just be the kind of hybrid music you’re after.

Pee Records
Reviewed by Valerie Vatoosh