Top Five University Movies

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Top Five University Movies

So it’s O Week, and you’re looking for a guide to what to expect at university. Sure, you could ask family and friends, but why not go straight to the people who know the facts: Hollywood!

5. Old School: In which old guys love university so much they set up their own frat to relive the good times. This is a brilliant idea for a movie, because it flatters both university students (what you’re doing right now is the most important thing in the world) and old farts (you could totally show those kids how to party if you felt like it).

4. The Rules of Attraction: Three students take/sell a lot of drugs, break a bunch of hearts and still end up having a horrible, horrible time. Who hasn’t had someone throw up over them while having sex?


3. Van Wilder, Party Liaison: Van Wilder has been partying at university for seven years. Then his dad cuts off the cash. So he throws a bunch more parties!

2. Back to School: When Rodney Dangerfield realises he’s drifted apart from his son, he decides to follow him to university and enrol. Fortunately, Rodney is both a multi-millionaire and hilarious, making this movie awesome whether you’re laughing at Rodney doing the Triple Lindy or making jokes about his wife’s Klimt.

1. Animal House. This one was saved until last because if you haven’t seen it you need to go RIGHT NOW and find a copy. Every single frat house comedy and 90% of all American comedy is based entirely on ripping off this movie. Even if you’ve seen it, watching it again will stun you with how much this hilarious tale of the slobs vs the snobs has influenced other movies and real life.

Written by Anthony Morris