High School vs University

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High School vs University

There’s a lot of debates against when the prime of your life is: is it during the youthful “innocent” years of high school or the moment where you enter into the world of adulthood and discovery at uni? There’s pros and cons for both, so we nutted them out in the ultimate decider…

High School

PRO: While scab duty is a gross chore, it gets you out of class and a free Zooper Dooper as well. When was the last time your mum gave you a cold treat for doing something?

CON: You’re constantly seen as “children” even if you’re 18 and have your license. There’s nothing more demeaning than having a 75-year-old lollipop lady help you cross the road when you aged 14+.

PRO: High school assignments don’t get much higher than 1,000 words at high school – first week at uni and you’ll be slammed with a 5,000 word essay.

PRO: Nothing beats the personal chauffeur service of mum driving you to school, or if you’re more public transport inclined, parents still foot the bill for the pass (usually) while at uni you’ll be slumped with daily parking costs, petrol and/or public transport.

PRO: Compared to uni, doing assignments at high school pretty much warrants a fairy-homework-godmother who lets you know the deadlines and the countdown to submission every step of the way. Hell, they even give you substantial examples and answer your questions!

CON: There’s so much unrealistic pressure on the few digits you get at the end of your VCE, when we all know it’s passing your bachelor degree (or significant other) that really counts.

CON: While the clickiness doesn’t quite disappear in uni, there’s a severe case of it while at high school. You’ve got your “groups” and there’s no mingling in between them, hell, if you’re paired with someone from an opposite group in PE it’s world war three.



PRO: You don’t have to wear the unflattering box shaped, itchy, feces-coloured school uniforms that must meet certain standards. Instead you can let your freak flag fly with whatever outfit your mind comes up with.

CON: No uniform also means lots of washing. No one likes washing.

CON: When you have to figure out what to do with your life between your first lecture is at 8am and your last is at 4pm on a Monday.

PRO: While you get scolded and dumped in detention for rocking up to class late, no one bats an eye at uni – unless it’s that chick in the corner checking you out.

PRO: While there’s lots of “adulting” going on, uni is one of the best ways to prepare you for the real world, with chances to go travelling, success placed solely in your hands and no one “nannying” you.

PRO: No locked in classes and the ability to skip them all together means getting drunk at the local pub in the middle of the day is more than fair game, we’d say it’s even a challenge.

PRO: Holidays don’t whiz before your eyes like they do at high school, instead they’re a leisurely several months and they’re so long they often make you forget what course you were even studying.

The roundup: High School 3 C, 4 P
University 2 C 5 P

There you have it, university is the champion. Now go enjoy it.