#ToAMateThatMatters is an initiative making it easier to check in on those important to you

#ToAMateThatMatters is an initiative making it easier to check in on those important to you

Words by Jessica Magtalas

A note to not just one person but to a whole community, letting them know that someone cares.

With the return of lockdown 2.0 and the execution of harsher restrictions, the feeling of human connection has never felt more out of reach, as social distancing in COVID-Australia has made it almost impossible to check in on loved ones.

It’s to no surprise that we’re all feeling the effects of the pandemic, with cases soaring to all-time highs, the mental health of many is at another low, that especially in men.

Research from Beyond Blue found that on average one in eight men will experience depression, whilst one in five suffer from anxiety at some stage of their lives. What’s more startling is that men make up an average of six out of every eight suicides in Australia every day.

While showcasing vulnerability may come natural to some, men are less prompted to open up and engage in conversations that are to do with their feelings, overall risking their mental health and wellbeing.

For that reason, Right Mate has teamed up with ‘The Kindness Pandemic’ in efforts to launch their new #ToAMateThatMatters campaign.

Chris and Luke; two Geelong locals and founders of Right Mate have returned with a new initiative after the success of The Man Walk campaign, a weekly walk that provides a non-judgemental, casual and supportive environment for blokes doing it tough.

This new project will allow users to write an anonymous digital note to a mate and have it displayed on the Right Mate website wall. Those who post on Instagram with the hashtag will also be featured on the site.

A sign of unconditional love and a tribute to mateship, #ToAMateThatMatters aims to connect with others in the current climate of social disconnection, while reaching out and letting them know you appreciate them.

Driven by their own lived experiences, the duo is passionate about sparking up the conversation of mental health and encouraging those to not see it in an uncomfortable light. Offering not only support but understanding and solutions, Chris and Luke strive to build a community of men and support.

More than ever, sincerity and strength are what we need. Check on your loved ones and let them know you care.

You can submit your own note here.