There’s a workshop on how to nail social media for your business

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There’s a workshop on how to nail social media for your business

We all know that social media can be tough at the best at time. There’s so many apps, networks, platforms and people in the online world, all providing ways and roadblocks to reach your target audience.

But no fear, an awesome workshop brought to you by the girls at On The Decorative Fringe and Geelong Creatives have come up with a two hour workshop to inform clients about social media and how to create unique and engaging content, and in turn, how to come up with a strategy for your social media.

​What will be covered:

​- Why social media is important for your small business
– How to plan and create your own content on a regular basis
– Simple styling techniques to make the most of your product/service
– Choosing a theme and a colour palette to suit your business
– What the major social networks are and why you need to be using them
– What the additional social networks are – how to use them and do they suit your business?
– How to outline your business’ target audience and social media objectives
– Breakdown of terminology
– Brand direction and discovering your social media “voice”
– A guide on how to get started on social media and the order in which to complete these steps.
– A content creation breakdown – how to create unique and engaging content, including blog posts and writing captions.
– Posting direction – how often you should post and responding to comments and messages.
– Measurement and tracking of accounts – how to tie these back to your objectives

*You will receive a social media strategy template and a social media guide including all information given on the night.

Bring a notebook to jot down all the amazing tips and stick around after the workshop for a 30 minute network session. What’s not to love about this?!

When & Where: Winters Cafe, Geelong – Thursday September 21 from 7pm

Tix available here.