The Surf Coast’s indulgent Hot Chocolate Festival is back once again

The Surf Coast’s indulgent Hot Chocolate Festival is back once again

No, you’re not dreaming. This is real life.

The winter months in this region were made for cosying up with a cup of hot chocolate. Gone are the days where the traditional Cadbury powder and hot milk would cut it… oh no sir. Now the hot chocolate game has levelled up, with some even taking their hot choc as seriously as their coffee, and reinventing the humble cup ‘o cocoa with all kinds of exotic flavours.

It’s a brave new world out there for hot chocolate connoisseurs, and this August the Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie will be making all your wildest dreams come true with their annual Hot Chocolate Festival.

Much like their previous celebrations, including the Rocky Road Festival, Ice Cream Festival and Brownie Festival earlier this year, the much-loved Chocolaterie will forge ahead in new and inspired ways, delivering the festival both on-site and online to anyone and everyone throughout the entire month of August.

The key takeaways

  • The annual Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie’s Hot Chocolate festival is back
  • There will be 31 new delicious and exotic hot chocolate flavours
  • The festival will take place on-site and at home for the entire month of August

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As per usual with these festistivies, the Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie will be offering 31 new delicious and exotic hot chocolate flavours for you to slurp and warm up with, whether you want to enjoy it at their café, or direct from your home with their DIY hot chocolate kits in all the wondrous flavours.

For those keen to make their way to the glorious sweet-filled venue, there will be 31 hot chocolate flavours available, with eight new flavours released each week. The cups of chocolate heaven are made using a couverture chocolate base, a giant, handcrafted marshmallow and of course, ingredients like melting chocolate discs, chimney stacks and syringes to infuse flavours, plus oreo coated churros, giant macarons and crispy French crepes for extra decadence!

Flavour highlights from this year’s line-up include the Tim Tam Caramel Bomb, Salted Caramel Pretzel, Devonshire Cronut and the Binge Night, which comes with mini marshmallow magnums and caramelised popcorn to really recreate the whole Netflix experience.

Perhaps the best part is the boozy hot chocolates on offer for the adults, including the Snickertini and Bushwhacker Cocktail, which is sure to warm up your insides on even the coldest winter day.

Hot Chocolate tasting sessions will also be on offer on Wednesday’s, Friday’s and weekends throughout the festival. During the 45 minutes hands-on class, you’ll be able to sip and sample a selection of eight amazing flavours, as well as choose from over 50 ingredients to make three different chocolate flavoured spoons. You then just need to add hot milk at home and create your own personalised, decadent hot chocolates. Yum! Bookings for these sessions are essential.

Most flavours featured in the festival can be bought online to enjoy as the aforementioned DIY kit at home ($6.50 per kit), though some will only be available to enjoy at the venue.

You’re welcome chocolate lovers!

The Hot Chocolate Festival is running from August 1 to 31 at the Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie, 1200 Great Ocean Road, Bellbrae. Find out more information by visiting the Facebook page or the website.