The Surf Coast’s Hot Chocolate Festival is back again

The Surf Coast’s Hot Chocolate Festival is back again


No, you’re not dreaming. This is real life.

The winter months in this region were made for cosying up with a cup of hot chocolate. Gone are the days where the traditional Cadbury powder and hot milk would cut it… oh no sir. Now the hot chocolate game has levelled up, with some even taking their hot choc as seriously as their coffee, and reinventing the humble cup ‘o cocoa with all kinds of exotic flavours.

It’s a brave new world out there for hot chocolate connoisseurs, and next month the Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie will be making all your wildest dreams come true with their annual Hot Chocolate Festival.

Much like the virtual take on their Rocky Road Festival earlier this year, the much-loved Chocolaterie will continue the celebration of hot chocolate in new and inspired ways, delivering the festival both online and instore sensations to anyone and everyone throughout the month of August.

As per usual with these festistivies, the Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie will be offering 31 new delicious and exotic hot chocolate flavours for you to slurp and warm up with, whether you want to enjoy it at their café or direct from your home.

A highlight this year is that you don’t even have to leave your blanket on the couch to play along, with the introduction of decadent ’31 flavour boxes’ and ‘do it yourself’ kits to order online and have sent near and far.

The challenge box includes 31 different hot chocolates and come complete with four components to make all limited edition Hot Chocolate Festival flavours. This includes the 31 flavour infused melts in milk, dark, white, ruby or caramelised white couverture; matching interactive ingredients such as exploding marshmallows, truffle balls, gooey biscuits or pipettes to take your hot drink to the next level; extra couverture chocolate shot; and matching handcrafted marshmallow. Yum!

If all this time at home has you feeling inspired, then the creative DIY hot chocolate boxes are definitely worth looking into. Within the kit, you’ll find milk, dark, white, ruby and caramelised white couverture chocolate pastilles and 12 different exotic ingredients to craft into 24 different ‘hot choc spoons’ to dunk, melt and whisk into hot milk at home any time. The skys the limit, but think of the amazing concoctions you can achieve with salted caramel, mint chips, fudgy caramels, freeze-dried raspberries, chai spice powder, and cookie crumbs, among other ingredients.

You’re welcome chocolate lovers!

You can order your 31 flavour box or DIY Kit now from the website in preparation for one helluva chocolatey August. Delivery is Australia-wide.

The Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie is located at 1200 Great Ocean Road, Bellbrae. Find out more information by visiting the Facebook page or the website.