The Rebelles: Go Rebelle!

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The Rebelles: Go Rebelle!

You know those old school songs usually from the ‘80s that make you want to get up and dance? The type that usually brings out the worst dance moves in people because they don’t care about anything except having fun? The Rebelles have that power, and if you’re not up for dancing I suggest you don’t put this album on, or, as they’re first track aptly says, ‘1, 2, 3, 4 Go!’.
The album seems to flow by rather quickly, though ‘Spanish Fitzroy’, ‘Here He Comes’ and ‘(You’re Gonna Be) My Boy’ are highlights that make you want to click repeat. If there’s any downfall it’s that occasionally the tracks sound a bit like the band are simply looking at the sheet and hitting the spots when they need to. ‘Not A Chance’ feels a bit this way and it’s almost like the track is scripted. But that’s not a consistent fault in the album, more just an occasionally observation.
If there’s one point I’ll also make, music aside, is that don’t let the album art fool you. It may look like something your mum or dad would want to pick up – that’s not necessarily a bad thing though – this is actually a great release for anyone who has a thing for the older tunes.
Reviewed by Alexander Lightfoot